Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery – Review

I am an avid fan and follower of Anthony Fantano. A quality critic has a way of making you think about a piece of art in a new way. I suppose criticism is disposable, but I enjoy it. 

As a result, I will at least give every album that gets yellow flannel review a full listen. Sometimes I completely Antoine Fantoine’s review. Some I don’t

But every once in a while, something catches me completely off guard. Something I didnt expect at all. Something that completely blows me away. Which brings me to this record. 

This fucking record is a god damn masterpice. 

Generally speaking, I lean toward trad jazz. But i have been known to stray from this. Put it this way, my favorite Miles Davis album is Bitches Brew.

But when it comes to modern jazz, I typical don’t pay attention. 

This thing though? THIS THING? Is something really special. 

The Comet is Coming is sort of like a supergroup. Like Damn Yankees but not shitty. And The Comet is Coming have managed to do something very few bands can do: craft their own unique sound while still wearing their influences on their sleeve. The album is a bit of a love letter to the type of sci-fi inspired music from that sort of 50’s/60’s era with a very much modern twist. 

The synth lays that sci-fi but the drumming is very modern, staccto, and plays around a bit with syncopation. Lets do another example 

The glue of this album is Shabaka Hutchings whose saxophone work is transcendent. These three elements really launch the listener into some other plane of existence. It feels like a journey through space and time to worlds filed with obsidian and color. Listening to it is like if No Man’s Sky actually lived up to its promises. Lets look at the album’s lodestone track

As far as content, the album lives in that world of mysticism and the things man cannot understand. And this sounds pretentious on its surface, but they dont lay it on thick at all. This is a jazz album, so this is the only song that actually has lyrics. The lyrics are as direct as they can get without going over. They want the music to do all the speaking, and so it does. How this band can lock into that kind of a groove is beyond me. The way this album builds up to this track and then descends back down is nothing short of miraculous. 

Composition is the word here. Trust in the Lifeforce is so well put together that you would think it came out of the primordial cosmic dust of the universe just for a second. Fragile as if it will break away and it does. And you realize thats what it was supposed to do the whole time. 

This album is like reading a Heinlein novel Heinlein novel, or equivalent. Taking you on this journey and holding your hand. Just so you can see what they see for a second. 

I kind of don’t want to say too much more than that. I could do the track by track thing, but you can watch the Fantano review for that. I could kind of go into more detail on the sound, but I think its much better done experiencing it on your own. Definitely give it a listen all the way through. Its something special. 

The Comet Is Coming is a band I will follow for many years to come. They have a spark here, and I genuinely hope they keep exploring. 

 4/4 – It is hard for me to think what will come out that will beat this album for me. Right now. This is my pick for best album of the year, and its one of the best of the decade. It will definitely define the coming year for me. Do yourself a favor and give it a listen. Ride on the cosmic waves, man. 

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