Late Night With The Devil – A Review

Been waiting for this one for a while.

I have friends of mine that have been trying to get me hyped for the latest Marvel product, or some such thing. My reaction for a while as been “The only movie I am excited to see is Late Night with the Devil.”

Counting down the days for the shudder release, and we got there. I watched it that night.

And its pretty good. Its not masterpiece great (and we will get to that), but definitely a rock solid watch.

First, big shout out to our Australian directors, Colin & Cameron Cairnes. The most effective thing they brought to the table is the aesthetic. Clearly a fan of 70s television, the actual Night Owls show that our host is going through the paces on is flawless. Feels like that era of production. Right down to the camera moves and angles.

Second, the performances. Really across the board, but David Dastmalchian… got damn. Sidelined to a bit player in Chris Nolan’s stuff no more. Feels like he has always been hosting obscure 70s talk shows. Fantastic performance. Please give this man more work.

Also, HUGE shout out to Ingrid Torelli, who plays our Michelle Remembers/Exorcist, kid plagued by evil. Generally, when it comes to kids and their performances is, I find most of them to be weak. Like you don’t have the chops yet to really sell it…. This kid….ALSO needs more work. Holy shit I wasn’t ready for how good this kid is. Get her paid through some Annabelle type shit stat, so she can go on to have a huge career.

Apart from the aforementioned, the biggest success the film has is the set up and the first like 40 min of the actual episode. Most of the movie is this episode of Night Owls that aired that night. And all that stuff is fantastic. This has perfect pacing. I wanted to be longer, and was kind of surprised how fast it flew.

I will say I am not 100% sure on how much I buy the “backstage” footage, which most of it really just looks like shot on HD modern stuff and not from 77, but its so sparse that its fine. I really just wanted to luxuriate in this show.

Where the movie loses its grip is the last 30 min. Like I knew we were going to get some unhinged shit…its obviously coming the whole time.

My problem is what we actually descend into is cheap CG hell. Look I get it, Australian unknown directors scraping together money for a dream project. This fucking thing had like 9 production company intro cards. To the point where I thought it was part of the bit, it wasn’t.

I get all that. But you can do a lot for cheap. You don’t have to lean into really terrible CG. Also, the writing fails a bit there to.

You know what the ending is? Local58.

I’ve mentioned that youtube channel before. I am fan of analog horror, as long as it is done well. And what Local58 does works perfect for youtube.

Theatrical release movie? I expect more. And what we got in the last 15 min of this movie…is a Local58 ending.

Which I mean fine, but it really does cut the longevity of this movie down. This thing will be great for a few years but eventually that ending will prevent it from becoming a horror staple.

Overall, what we have here I think is totally enjoyable. If you happen to sub to Shudder at some point (or AMC+) a definite watch. But that ending is what prevents me from saying, you should go out and find it.

3/4 – A solid little horror movie, held back by an inability to execute its own ambition.

One last item before I go, this movie has a land acknowledgement after the directors, producers, and actors credit before the main body of the credits. I’m behind the times, and I had never even seen this before. I am not going to get into the efficacy of such a thing, but it did make me call a friend who knows about such things, and I suppose that’s a start.

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