Invincible Shield – A Review

Judas Priest feels like they have been there since the dawn of metal, which is of course the dawn of man. However, they seem to have this uncanny knack of figuring out what a better version of themselves fit for the times is like, without compromising what made them great in the first place.

They did it in the 80s with their immortal classic Screaming for Vengeance, the 90s with another fucking classic, Painkiller, and out of fucking nowhere, they released one of the best metal albums of the 2010s with Firepower, that even caught fantano by surprise.

And now we have, Invincible Shield, an album that I picked up in the same way I picked up Firepower. I still got some metal friends…and you start to hear those murmurings… “Priest got a new album comin…” “You should check out the single man….its fuckin great…”

So, I got it.

And of course they fucking did it.

That was the single leading into the album, and right there you are like…holy shit they still got it. Nice 80s synth lead straight into the ass kicking. How the fuck does Rob Halford still sound this good? How can they make metal this good? I know they got some young blood (54, young for these cats) in there now, but holy shit…

I mean it sounds like a 2020s Priest album. And again, you may be thinking to yourself, “Yeah this track is good, but it cant keep going.” Panic Attack is the album opener. Here’s the next track you are hit with.

Oh yeah, they got it.

The album is fucking old school metal album of ass kickers. We got some shit kicking fucking tracks here. Like I know Sneap put life in here, but how does this band sound THIS young. High energy. Writing fucking metal-ass metal lyrics about demons, dragons, myths & legends, selling your soul, etc.

Just about every track on this album sounds like something that would make Beavis & Butthead go “YES” and start headbanging the second it started playing.

It’s a fucking metal album. Don’t have to make no pretense about it. No bullshit. No excuses.

The weakest part of the record is the fact that it is a full hour. Every album these days suffers from the Taylor Swift syndrome of shoving every fucking track you made on the record. But even the weak stuff on this album is strong.

Check this out. I think this is the weakest song on the album.

So, it starts off generic. A little bland. Feels almost like a 90s era Ozzy record. Then, fucking 3:02 in, you get a fucking sweet ass guitar solo with all those nice fucking riff work touches.

Just when you are out they pull you back in.

Really this is the album’s only major fault. Otherwise, if you want a fucking metal album to kick ass and drive you into the sun, you got it right here.

And now, my favorite track on the record.

How are they still making fucking great ass kicking music. Guaranteed background track of future gaming hours. Great shit.

3.5/4 – You cut a few of those weaker tracks. Move the bomb solos to other songs, and you got an all time masterpiece to stand up with the rest of Judas Priest’s masterpieces. As it stands now, best metal album I’ve heard so far this year and a contender to album of the year.

Kick. Ass.

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