In defense of… Raunchy Music

There is plenty enough praise on classic records, and all the positive attributes of listening to phenominal music classic records, and all the positive attributes of listening to phenominal music. But thats not what this is about.

This is about that Raunch. Today, we are praising Raunchy music. 

If you aren’t sure what Raunchy music is, let me introduce you to the flagship. To the song that I still hold as the gold standard of this genre I am creating. 

I have written about this entire album at length, but this right here is a masterpiece. But lets talk about a few things in more detail. 

First off, it takes actual talent to write lines like But if you pussy smellin shrimpy ho/get yo fuckin shirt and shit/somebody better stop her/dis bitch ha pussy smellin like Red Lobster.

Things like that. It takes a real talent to be that creative about being straight nasty. 

The other thing I want to mention about this track is the music itself. If you arent doing the subtle thing, dont be subtle unless its for comedic effect (more on this later). Lets look at another example in a completely different style.

When performing raunchy music, you need conviction. You cant be unsure about yourself and sing things like Can you shit on my chest/when we fuck.

You dont necessarily need to sing raunchy music in a speedo. 

I feel like I am not providing a tremendous about of insight and analysis here. Its hard to be profound when buried in the land of the raunch. But do you need to be profound about everything. I feel like some art stands for itself. Not everything needs to be Raft of the Medusa. Some things get to be Piss-Christ. Not everything needs to have deep levels of psychoanalysis. 

Lets do one more.

This fucking guy is now making sad bastard music for 12 year old girls. Look at what he walked away from. Look at it. I will argue all day that it takes way more time and effort to make an album of raunchy horse shit than it does of sad bastard weepers

In a weird way, I feel like this one is even less about being fucked up and more about just trying to make a beat with dog sounds. He achieved. 

Which brings me to the final point. There needs to be a Raunchy Music Hall of Fame, and the Right Reverend himself may have to start it. Cause we need this. People need to be exposed to it. Why? Cause even I, noted connoisseur of this genre, am still missing things. I have recently been exposed to a new champion of raunchy music. This song is not just lyrically, but musically way ahead of the game. He managed to do the bare minimum to make a raunchy song and make it soar. Flawless.

If this is out there, and I just found out about it…what else is there… A question for the philosophers. Enjoy

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