Maybe Lazarus should have stayed dead

Oh praise be chirren. I have ressurrected the site (with some assistance and begging to people with talent).

You may be asking yourself right now, Right Reverend, why does this exist? Why restart a blog now after all this time. 

First, I say to you, shut up. 

Second, think about this blog as a reflex action. 

Something that needed to be done because the internet has finally lost its fucking mind.

Scratch that, it always was but it was religated to the hyper-nerds and people whose body odor alone would make them untouchable. 

I digress. This is a place for quality preaching. Yelling into the void for no one to hear. Like social media was before it went completely worthless. What that will look like, I do not know. Expect teachings, observations, me talkin shit, reviews of shit, and just generally unfiltered shit.

 I miss the days when like 5 people liked some shit you did and that was the best.  The joys of being wrong, as Dave Chappelle would say.

So expect the following things:

  • Good smells
  • Loose poos
  • Loosy Poosey
  • #facts
  • #bootyfacts
  • LOUD

So there you have it. All the important stuff. Now children, let us all enjoy. Dumb. As its supposed to be. 

The importance of mooching

My faithful and holy and full of epic flava,

At this point, all currently needed content has been loaded to this location. Now its a matter of getting the look right.

The Durrty Uncle once told me the look is 90% of all skill and ability, children. 90%! PRAISE FLAVA

Unfortunately, I cant pass the collection plate yet to improve the look, but I can use one of the abilities that I have been endowed with: annoyance

Praise! I will annoy the hell out of anyone until I get the site lookin fresh. And may greater flava be on us all!

Church! Preach! Tabernacle!

And donate to show your faith

In the beginning…

More quality preaching to follow. For now, my congregation, sit tight. 

© Church of the Holy Flava 2016 - 2021