Why white people ruin everything: Exhibit A – Let the dead stay buried

I have been often quoted saying, “…fucking white people…” 

And insecure honkeys often ask me. “What do you mean? I want to celebrate our rich culture and heritage

Well, I am now going to have to compile evidence. So lets start with Exhibit A. [Editor’s Note: I thought long and hard about not posting this clown’s videos. But like a train wreck or 9/11, some shit you just have to see to believe].

Thats right. In the gap left by Joji, as he goes making songs for 13 year old girls to cry to, the fan base apparently has nothing else to do. So, some fucking white boy has decided to take up the mantle. 

And look, if this was like, a one off. Fan fic. A desperate call to Joji to quit being a fucking bitch and get back to preaching the gospel, in a way, I would be fine with it. Well not fine. I would ignore it. Another fan fic for the pile. Cause it sucks out there. 

But, oh no, he published this:

This shit is EVEN SHITTIER than the previous shit. Like the previous shit was fine. Clearly a fan. Trying to do the fan thing. But this shit. Feels lazy. Like he aint even trying. Letting his whiteness ride him in to the sunset. 

The video right here is FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. Look. I understand being an over zealous fan of francis of the filth. I pray at his alter constantly. But here is where I draw the line. Dont try to Doctor Who yourself into being Filthy Frank.

First off. You are not Filthy Fucking Frank. You just aren’t. You aren’t as clever. You arent as cool. You are some white asshole with enough of a budget and the ability to do a decent impression. 

I do a fucking decent meatwad. Is my ass going to go out there and fucking pick up the mantle now that ATHF is gone. No I fucking wont. Cause I have the fucking wisdom to know that I will NEVER in my life do anything as good as they did with that character

Second, you are not in the same place. Joji built that shit up from nothing and you are COMPLETELY riding his coat tails in an attempt to do the same thing. Make your own shit you fuck. You dont get to just be Joji cool or creative. That is a gift. A gift from the Raunch Gods that you don’t have. 

I will leave it at that. In the words of the god himself,


Seriously random white man, go fuck yourself. You are a shit head. 

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