Why Scotch?

Editor’s note: Apparently EVERY SINGLE alcohol related video on YouTube is age restricted by default. So, apologies for that. Im not swapping stuff out. Its all quite safe for work. Just videos from the respective distillery’s YouTube channel.

It’s a question I get often.

You know, you are at work function (pre-rona) and everyone orders a drink. I always order a scotch. And so the question I get is how did this kid from the south get into scotch? Well, we have to take it back to Scotland.

During my time in Silicon Valley, my wife and I worked like dogs. 12 hours a day was light in those days. I remember this one week where I got 6 hours of sleep….for the entire week. That’s what I got. So, to keep ourselves sane, we booked these big week and change trips overseas. The place was always picked by the cheapest flight. This trip, I was working so I didn’t even get to side. I got a text that was like “What do you think about Spain” then “What about Greece?” then “What about Croatia?” then “We are going to Scotland this summer” 

And truthfully I am glad things worked out the way it did. Its gorgeous country out there. Of anywhere I have been, and I have had the fortune to have gone to alot of places at this point, its the only place other than the US I could see myself living in. It just feels very…welcoming. 

And then we visited Skye. This big island off on the west side of Scotland. That’s where it all started….

That’s where I fell in love with Talisker.  Parts of Skye reminds me of a cleaner, much more beautiful version of where I grew up. Its right out on the ocean, sea breeze comes in strong, but its cold not humid. And the whisky tastes of that. It has a bit of brine, lots of smoke. I immediately loved it. Was one of those, where has this been my whole life things. 

So, I became a scotch drinker. Just like that. I had my hard alcohol. I didn’t really have a “drink” prior to that trip. I had one then. 

With all that in mind…In this festive season, I figured I would discuss three of my personal favorite whisky’s. Your taste and mileage may vary, but these are three of the best damn scotches I’ve ever had. 

Oban 14

There is going to be a theme here of smoke, cause I tend to like a smoky scotch. This though is special. If you DONT like smoke, this is probably as far out as you are willing to go into that world. 

Oban 14 is like a mushroom. Goes great with everything. Basically becomes whatever your having. If you are having steak, Oban 14 will taste a bit more meaty. If you are having fish, the brine will come out. It has a ton of flavor buried in there. Its the guaranteed smooth drinker. I think more than any of the others on my little list here, its the smoothest drink. 

Its like, if you cant decide what you want to drink tonight, stick with Oban. It will move with you. Like a good drummer in a jazz ensemble. 

 Talisker Game of Thrones House Greyjoy Select Reserve

The ONLY positive thing that came out of the Season 8 debacle was the fucking whisky collection. Holy shit there are some champions in that list. I have had the pleasure of tasting all 8 and holy shit. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the Talisker 10 is ALWAYS at my house. ALWAYS. Its a personal favorite, the first whisky that took me into scotch whisky. 

BUT, this fuckin thing. Like they didn’t have to do this. Fucking GoT didn’t deserve this. This is the BEST whisky I have ever had. That is no bullshit. Its so fucking good. So fucking good that I saved a half of a bottle of it for election night 2020. And I am so glad I did. 

I am on the hunt for another bottle. Need to find it. 

Quick tasting notes. So its so fucking complex. From a plot perspective, its the one that makes the most sense. It tastes like what I expect a House Greyjoy whisky to taste like. Dark. Sea, but not overly brine-y like the Talisker Storm. Has a really nice finish that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It is a perfectly crafted scotch. 

 Lagavulin 16

You knew this was coming. It started with Offerman. It’ll end with Offerman. 

Now you would think, its been on TV and shit. Its got to be fucked out. 

No. No it is not. Lagavulin 16 is the best consistent easily obtained scotch on planet earth. It is fucking phenomenal. Smokey, fuckin heavy on peat, full of god damn flavor. You smell it and think you are about to stick your face in a campfire. Nope. You taste it, Its still heavy but then it just explodes in flavors in your mouth. Lot of mint, grass tones. Fuckin tastes like you are drinking Scotland. 

Its a hero whisky. A goddamn champion. I would be surprised if its ever topped. 

Before I end this, I am going to cover this up front. Some snob may be like “Meh, all he’s had is Diageo stuff. blah blah blah.”  Not true. At last count I have had 100 or so different whiskeys from 50 or so different distilleries. These are the three I keep coming back to. Maybe its access. Maybe its familiarity. Who knows. 

So my suggestion to everyone this holiday season, get the best scotch you can find. Take a rest. Have a dram. And take it easy out there. 

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