A small town, their big flag, and their local taqueria

I recently had the pleasure of driving across central virginia recently on US 29. 

Almost as soon as you cross the border from North Carolina into Virigina, you are greeted by this fucking sight [Editor’s note: I am not going to dignify that shit by putting a picture of it here. Click the link to see an article on that stupidity].

Its so god damn big you cant miss it. 

Apparently, we stumbled into an area engaged in a big fight. Turns out the city of Danville, VA did the smart thing to come to the current century and banning confederate flags. A group of assholes and dipshits who are fucking retarded about history, have decided to swing their small dicks in the next town over (Blairs, VA) and put up a giant fucking flag surrounded by barbed wire on private land, so no one can do anything about it. And now, ANYONE driving through the area is greeted by the site of the largest known confederate flag in existence.  

Now, i am not here to highlight that or talk about how anyone who still thinks hanging anything conferederate is a dumbass. That has been done better than I could do it.

I am here to talk about a Mexican grocery store: La Guadalupana

la guadalupana in blairs

Its very unassuming. But, its a local town favorite. Its not on yelp, but in the only language in the rural south that counts, facebook, the locals in Blairs, VA love the place. They keep the Pacifico cold. They have Mexican softdrinks. If you need to Telex money to family in mexico, they can do that. Everything is in both english and spanish. Their recipes are stuff from back in Mexico.  From all accounts, it seems to be a slice of home for mexican immigrants and the locals of Blairs love a quality product. 

Oh! And I should mention its like 2 minutes up the road from the giant fucking flag. The first anything (store, home, etc) you hit as you drive north. And I didnt take a picture of it (though i wish I would have), but see this from google maps:

thumb la guadalupana

That is spraypainted HUGE on the side of the buliding. Done exactly like that. And I fucking love it. And you cant miss it. Its the next flag up the road.  

And I think this is the inherent conflict. Every rural town have these groups of self-righteous pricks who think they own the world waving their asshole for everyone to see. Meanwhile, places like this power a community. Feed the stomaches and give it some kind of soul, instead of being another lifeless spot on the map. Maybe this is how you win. How we beat MAGA. just ignore the bullshit and make yourself a part of life. Eventually the old people die, and the young people will still go get cold Pacifico from La Guadalupana.

Or maybe I am reading too much into the next thing up the road from a giant confederate flag being a Mexican grocery with a giant stylized Mexican flag on the side of the building. 

I can dream, can’t I?

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