Times Like These/You Learn To Live Again

Had a discussion in the house around Ozempic. Wasn’t really about the drug, its effects or side effects. It was about the fact that Novo Nordisk is going back to the well to make a version of Ozempic more targeted for weight loss.

To me the bigger story is what Ozempic did to being overweight… treating it like a disease. Like something that we can treat.

You see for years and years it was all about shame. The fact that you were overweight meant you had no self control. That you let your body deteriorate because of your own sin. That you were living wrong and the result is a physical manifestation of your own shortcomings.

Refusing to acknowledge any humanity or place in the world that we share.

To me, that’s the most interesting part of Ozempic. Capitalism has found a reason approach weightloss as something that can be treated instead of relying on the individual.

There is accidental compassion there.

Now don’t get me wrong, there is obviously the risk of another drug that you have to take forever in order to live. And we are still in early days. But again, Ozempic wasn’t my point.

It was the concept of compassion being a source. That is never occurred to any pharmaceutical company prior to this to handle something this way.

That is fucking fascinating to me.

This is going to sound like a random ass pivot. But trust me, I am going somewhere with it.

I saw a sign recently that was not designed to piss me off but it did. I found a random example on the internet, I am sure you have seen the equivalent.

Mine was in front of an Episcopal church and it just said “Free Food Tuesday.”

And it pissed me off for random reasons. First, why isn’t it free food every day. Obviously an individual church can’t undertake such operations, but one would think you think actual Christians could get past dogma and denominational differences to make this happen. Fuckin Jesus didn’t talk about a lot but feeding the poor is kind of cornerstone.

That lead me to another thought. Abortion. An untold amount of cash has been spent trying to shut down the practice. Now that they have gotten their big win in overturning Roe, conservatives are shocked that people are getting hurt.

If you actually cared about it…i mean truly did… if it wasn’t coming from a place of hatred and control of women vs a place of true compassion, wouldn’t it be more about going to the source? Figuring out how to uplift communities. Becoming more about birth control and safe sex?

Oh wait, it isn’t about compassion is it? Its about sin and hate. Its about controlling other people’s lives? Oh my mistake, I thought it was about compassion.

To me, that’s the bigger picture across the board. Will we ever get to a place where the only compassion happens accidentally cause money is to be made?

We are about to step into a year of just pain. Shame and yelling.

Wouldn’t it be nice to treat people like humans? But that is reciprocal… you have to be willing to see people like humans. We seem to have a tough time with that at the moment.

Who am I kidding? We not going to have any kind of reset. It will be more hate and pain.

At least we have Ozempic. And free food for the needy once a week.

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