Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #9

This is the kind of drunk I am on right now

So lets jump into this stupidity. 

 Look man. What the fuck is going on? Seriously, what the fuck is going on? We haven’t even made it to 2020 yet. We are just at the beginning of all this bullshit. I remember the fucking shitty madness of 2016. Its like come on man. Can we chill out for a bit. I am having enough of this shit. 

And we aren’t even close. Is this is what the ramp up looks like now. Like we are diving into the the unfathomable depression of existence. Jesus christ man. 

 On a positive note, Dunkey was totally right. Again. I played League of Legends back in the day, and that shit is miserable. You have a hundred champions, of which only like 30 matter, and they each only have 1 build that is meta. If you don’t pick that, you are completely fucked. And not ONLY will you lose, but an army of angry REEEEEs will flame you into oblivion in chat. 

Then comes Teamfight Tactics. Riot doing that stealing thing and making their own chess. 

The best difference I can explain is that the mechanics are so much more polished. The class system feels more natural. The abilities feel equally strong among every category (balance in a Riot game????). And the classes/origins actually have some personality. 

I’m having fun with it in the same way I was having fun with Apex when it first launched. There are Meta builds but it is totally possible to win with a non meta build. I certainly have one with some straight bullshit. 

Plus its cheap ass free. So play it

 Are you tired of being happy about life? Would you like to see what happens when the veil of reality is piereced by furry-induced sleep paralysis nightmares? Join me, wont you in what I fully expect my hell to be when I get there. 

I question my own existence after that. Oof. This film will spread like a plague through the meme community; causing the eventual downfall of humanity. I can only assume this is what Black Sabbath saw coming. 

 Lets do some updates. Lil Nas X updates. Look, that new remix (see below). Thats that shit I DONT like. It just feels garbled now where as both the original and the first remix felt clean. But fuck all that. Lil Nas X is ONE WEEK away from having the number one single of ALL TIME. This is perfect. I cant imagine another song that deserves the #1 spot more. This should totally be there. FUCK JUSTIN BIEBER.  Go out and buy the original remix. Its dope. 

Update on the Raunchy music front. We got a new contender. This shit is amazing. I am now blessing this in the highest pantheon of Raunch. I am so pleased. 

And yeah, I posted this already. Whatever. Fuck you

 Alright you fucks, Im out. Have a good night. Here is some new shit I heard this week. Song = Good. Video = Stupid Dope.

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