Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #84

And here we are. Still standing five months into the year. Lets go.

Lets start out with a piece of mourning…some shit fucking NO ONE told me about. Not my family, friends, our congregation. Fucking no one.

Popeye’s fuckin discontinued their MASTERPIECE quality onion rings.

Turn the fucking time machine around. Stop working on warp drive. There is no god worthy of your praise.

Pops ain’t got no onion rings. Fuckin shameful shit humanity. Fucking embarrassing.

Moment of silence and pour one out for what was taken from us.

Speaking of fucking embarrassing, the cybertruck. Look, the shame of the cybertruck has been proclaimed from the mountaintop. For me thats not enough. I want Pinto-level failure. I want the class action lawsuits to bankrupt Elon to the point where he has to sell of twitter and everything else, and spends the rest of his days in the drainage canals under vegas.

In the meantime, I will have to be satisfied with the acolytes falling on their sword like a bunch of dumbasses just to make Ol Incel Memes feel better.

I am going to sidestep all the goings on this week, and instead, I want to mention this. Columbia Law Review wants exams to be forgone because of the goings on.

Ok…law review….you had to be the best at Columbia fucking Law School just to get on law review. All of you are going to an intense high stress world.

If you cant handle 100 people in tents and shit on your quad, you are straight up not cut out for big law. You will sink like a fucking stone the first time some wacked out shit happens. And it will happen…guaranteed.

Fuckin find your strength to go on. Because this is light weight compared to what awaits you.

Yes. I don’t expect to live forever. And if the Christians are right (they aren’t), I’m going to hell. Probably where I belonged in the first place. So fuck you and the horse you rode in on. I am assuming Jesus is a horse in this scenario.

In the home country keeps fucking themselves over news, Louisiana got rid of what little protections for homeowners it had.

All in the name of “attracting more business.”

Let me tell you how this ends, with every single major insurer now having a direct path to dump anyone’s policy who lives below I-10. I fucking guarantee some actuary has done the math.

So good job Louisiana, you fucked yourself over yet again. And you wonder why people want to leave on the first thing smoking.

You fucked up.

And on that note, I am going to call it.

Hope your week was ok out there in TV Land, and I’ll catch you left of the dial.

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