Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #83

And just like that a week passes by like a sneakthief in the night.

Lets do it.

And OJ is now gone.

If you were of a certain generation, you have a ton of feelings about this. I never knew OJ as anything but suspected (he did it) murderer. My very first interaction with him was going to watch Family Matters. Being real stoked about it. Turning on the TV, and wondering why there was a car chase on instead of Urkel.

I definitely saw the racist aspects too. There was this restaurant that had a fucking giant like 70″ CRT back when having those things meant you had dough. That summer, I remember coming back from swimming lessons, trying to get a burger with my grandmother, and the crowd blowing up and yelling obscenities at the trial on the big TV.

I highly recommend OJ: Made in America, cause its fantastic and extremely thorough.

Ill let the last word sit with the only person the last word should sit with.

What happens when a format gets shattered? I am a regular viewer of Hot Ones, and I have expounded on my love for the show before.

But this week, an unstoppable force met an immovable object.

What do you do when a guest flat out makes a spectacle of your already spectacle based show. Thats most definitely what Conan did with his episode. Pure insanity.

I flat out dont know where you go from here. Have some celebrity on to hem and haw about how spicy the 5th wing or something is. I mean I guess.

I guess they just suck compared to Coco.

Quick edition of my well regarded and celebrated The Latest in the Fall of the Republic series.

Today’s: Interest Rates

There are only a few ways you can control money at this point, tethered to a commodity or not. You want to lower inflation? You have to make it harder for bigger players to use money to manipulate other money.

Put it simply, if business cant borrow money cheap, they cant do a bunch of dumb shit with it. Does this have a side effect? Several. The biggest one among my friends group is how fucked the job market is. There is a certain cadre of my friends who think the fed will lower interest rates cause… reasons? Cause its a bad market for white collar workers.

Spoiler alert: that shit aint happenin. And everyone in business knows it. Why? Easy, you can play this home game.

See how we want consumer prices to stay around 2% change annually, or lower if possible….see what the pandemic did.

Business exploited it, and they need to suffer more. So don’t expect rates to go down anytime soon.

On that note, I am going to keep this one real short. It’s been a long week, and to be honest, I just want to watch some dumb shit and chill.

Have a good week everyone. Catch you on the flip.

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