Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #82

Liquor and chinese food. Real ultimate power achieved. Lets do it.

My wife and I have taken to taking a mile and change walk every day at lunchtime. Hell, its been nice to just to reset the mind.

During the last one, she mentioned something about death. We both are either at the great Jack Benny wall or over it, so reflections on mortality are inevitable. I told her what I now tell my congregation. There is absolutely no point in worrying about death. It will happen. All the juice cleanses, ice bathes, or testicle radiation is going to prevent it.

You are gunna die.

So like, be cool with it?

You can spend your days about worrying whatever void, hell, or great unknown hereafter is waiting for you when you part this life. And just like, live in the now.

You woke up today. Congratulations. No point in worrying if you will wake up tomorrow. Listen to some sabbath, you will be fine.

I’m back in the gif game! We got some random goodens. Would have had more if not for the week that was. Don’t worry, imma win that big fucking mega millions, and then I will get me an gif dude. Like Snoop’s weed roller. Just a dude to make my gifs all day.

Till then its just me. But, I’m proud of the skill. Just need more time to execute.

After much harassment by friends, family, and coworkers, I started watching Shogun. I had seen some episodes of the original randomly on a VHS my dad had. So, I knew the plot.

I got to be honest. That first episode. I fucking hated. The score was Hans Zimmer wannabe trash. The dialogue sounded as anachronistic as Game of Thrones. And I was prepared to slog through it just to hate on it. Which is of course the only way to consume content.

Then we get to episode 2….and it completely sold me. It was almost as if they had to put all that modern stereotype shit to get people into the series. Don’t get me wrong, some of that is still present, but they heavily refined it.

My suggestion: suffer through episode 1. Get to episode 2 as fast as possible, and enjoy. Here’s a taste.

And Neil is back on spotify.

This sort of brings in a bigger question. Does protest even matter anymore? Remember the Iraq war protest (SOAD music video provided below). That was when I knew protest didnt count anymore. Streets filled with people who didn’t want war. Didn’t fucking matter. Completely irrelevant. A decade long slog ensued.

Also, access. Who was Neil hurting the most in the withdrawl? Was it spotify? I would argue no, it was people like me. Like sure,, I own all my favorite Neil records on vinyl, CDs, etc. I got it on FLAC files. All kinds of shit…doesn’t mean I am not fucking lazy. I want to listen to shit when and how I want to listen to it. Preventing access is weak, and it fucking didn’t work. Joe Rogan still out here talking shit.

So, why even try to do anything significant.


Who gives a shit? Fuckin Neil is back. Go listen to that shit.

Speaking of tilting at windmills, Swen did some of that shit when he announced the obvious, Hasbro sucks and there isn’t going to be any BG3 expansions.

Of course there wasn’t going to be. This was lightning in a bottle for Larian. Don’t get me wrong, they will CONTINUE to make great shit, but this perfect storm of the right IP and the right talent and the right timing….even Swen knows that wasn’t gunna happen again. Hasbro wanted more money? Fuck them.

Larian did the right thing and they will continue to do so. I’ll follow them no matter what. So good on you Swen, don’t take no shit from nobody.

And on that note, imma do as I should. Get liquored up. Have a great weekend everyone. Catch you on the flipside.

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