Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #8

Wazzup bitches. Special edition of the AMEN Pew today, cause I’m on vacation and tomorrow we celebrate freedom and what not. 

You all suck. Im awesome. Lets go. 

 I think its tough right now to be really jazzed up about america and shit. But, I think there is still something positive about the american experiment. You have things like this. Get to talk shit with no governmental reaction. Land of the free; home of telling people to eat a fat dick. Just in case you want to learn some stuff, this will help

 Speaking of talking shit, WoW’s latest update is complete trash.  Zones completely loaded with shit to where you can’t navigate around without angering some trash. Needless grinding for gear that you will be able to quickly get once the next PVP season comes out. A whole other set of materials to grind for. Trash. Blizz. Got damn Blizzcon better be good. Cause this shit, is fucking stupid. 

 I recieved an email (!) request for more grilling music. Generally speaking i like shit with alot of r0ck and up-tempo. Chicago blues. Some southern rock. Some New Orleans Brass. For example. This some good shit

As an addendum to my SNL post, some chump, LITERALLY THIS WEEK, was bitching about their trip to SNL this past season. They told me “they don’t write anything smart anymore.” To which I said, “When were they delivering constant smart stuff.” And this person said, “Oh i dunno. In the 90s.” I had just one response….cause this is as stupid as any sketch ever….

 Hey, speaking of the fourth. Here is a tradition at my house. How would you like a musical about the foundation of the country? Oh what that one? Not that one. Im talking 1776. A movie so batshit insane, that Mr. Feeny played John Adams. A movie so insane that the songs are just a series of Dad Jokes. Its amazing. Watch it this shit, and tell me you wont watch the whole thing on July 4th. 

 We had the first Democratic Debate last week. I thought about live blogging, and I may just do that on the next debate. But, the problem is, the best show in late night done had the best analysis of the candidate pool than I could ever do. This is everything you need to know. 


 Alright, I’m out. This is the energy my whole week has been on. Celebrate in your own way, and have a great time.

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