Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #79

You ever had one of those weeks where you feel like you just can’t get anything going?

Not that anything bad happened per se but just feels like a series of false starts.

When a car runs out of gas, it’ll start skipping pistons. Some will ignite and some wont…OR I have had this dream before where you need to run away but you just can’t get the feel of running…like everything feels off and you are stuck at a weak gait.

That was definitely this week. Sure, I tried writing around 3-4 different blogs but none of them ever felt right. I tried getting back into gif making after all these months, and I got stymied at that.

It just felt like a weak week. Just like nothing is going on that is either creative or constructive.

So, that is why we are back here at the AMEN Pew. To try to right the ship.

On the gif front briefly. It all started with getting a new computer. I have had random technical issues that I don’t feel like fixing. HDR has thrown me for a loop, and I cant figure out how to not have shit washed out or faded.

It’s one of these things where I just need time to figure it all out and install new software. Can’t find the energy to do it.

I’m sure this ends with me finally breaking through the wall and cranking out like 15 gifs in one sitting, but so far, just stymied.

Got some liquor in me finally. So things moving up.

I actually had to go back in my history to see if I talked about this before. Cause I feel like I would have.

This is a gift from the Great Algorithm. Cause sure as shit I wouldn’t have found this guy without it. I don’t know what to say other than I like people that barely upload but when they do its excellent shit. I dont care if its 2 or 3 times a year. As long as what you get is great… this is fucking great.

I also can’t believe I talked about this.

Katt Williams has already thrown a big ole Norm McDonald as Turd Ferguson size hat in the ring for Player Hater of the Year.

This is a masterclass in shit talking. The veracity of any of these statements are basically irrelevant. The fact that everyone who is preached at in here is quiet proves that they actually listen to smart PR people, cause thats what I would do.

Needless to say, I don’t know what to make of this, but its a masterclass in the thing I appreciate the most the older I get: hatin’

One thing off that Katt Williams bit I do want to address. 2024 won’t be the year of truth. 2024 will be a very fucking stupid year.

I can feel it. Like its in the air.

I had an amazon package opened that just had my razor blades in it. Stole a sleeve and left the rest. You know what, that person can have it, cause they needed it more than me.

So yeah, no one will get a world altering truth. You will just get alot of bullshit. I can see bullshit mountain on the horizon. It’s coming.

Ok I will leave with this thought. The only positive is that I actually have a the remainder of vacation I will take this year booked up. Definitely a ton of time off. Not a ridiculous amount but enough spaced out to where i get a few separate week(s) off period throughout the year. I’m looking forward to all of that. I think its the dark winter right now. The long dark.

Just feels cold and the walls closing in. So its nice to be thinking about positive future thoughts.

Lets keep that going. Stay safe and warm out there. Peace.

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