Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #78

And a new year it is. Lets get jiggy with it.

Is NPR building out a new trend of Southern rappers getting their flowers before they are gone. If so, I am all about it. After the amazing glory that was the Juvenile/Mannie Fresh tiny desk concert, we got Scarface building a band doing phenomenal shit as well.

Goodie Mob better go find the best players in Atlanta and show the fuck up.

Minor programming update. With Twitter’s latest bullshit around API taking root, backend providers across the board are dumping twitter support.

‘This sucks in that it is nice to look at some kind of visual while you scroll through the drunk preachings of your favorite drunk preacher (hence all the gifs).

So, for now, I am going to use Reddit where I would have used Twitter. Not because I prefer it. Just because it gives a bit more visual interest. Again, Fuck Ol Incel Memes.

So, the shit with Hasbro cutting people is showing up everywhere cause Sven said no one who worked on the original Baldur’s Gate 3 deal is left at Hasbro.

The mess is stupider than that. The only parts of Hasbro that seem to be making money is the Movie/TV Licensing (they have Transformers among others) and Wizards of the Coast. So instead of letting the money making team keep making money. They are just doing cuts across the board.

Dumb motherfuckers are going to take what is one of the greatest video games of all time, and just shit in its fucking mouth. And I understand why Hasbro is doing it. BG3 is the antithesis of how people make money these days. No microtransactions. No bullshit. Just building the customer base from the ground up by giving an amazing experience. You know, like actual good things in life.

When WoTC makes less profit in 2-3 years, and you fucking wonder why, there you go.

Ok, so I am going to bring in a new segment into the AMEN Pew. I don’t know what its called yet but its mainly about obscure shit I quote all the time. Like family guy, I am just constantly filled with meme-like communication techniques. Except all my shit is things no one knows and only makes me laugh.

I figured we would share in one to show what I mean. Its the Angry Video Game Nerd’s review of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the Atari 2600. This review is from 2000 fucking 7.

This is back when people cared about making shit. The main reason I remember it (and the person I quote) is the actor playing what they call in Texas Chainsaw lore, the cook.

I fucking love great line reads. Like… “Yeah its still $100” (starts at 2:52). But, that isn’t what I quote all the time. When I say “yeah boy!” i am doing an impression of his Yeah boi (11:08). Just masterpiece line read.

Could you imagine an era of youtube videos where you could spend money on people giving you good shit instead of pre-manufactured, boring horseshit? I remember.

Death has been a major theme over the past few weeks. My wife lost another aunt this past year, after losing one about this time last year.

Maybe death being a theme is wrong. Maybe its more like mortality. I think having to deal with an inevitable end is wrecking alot of the house these days.

For me, I accept the forgone conclusion. It’ll end. I will end. It’ll happen. The easy way or the hard way. I think I am bothered by it less because… I sort of accepted it? Growing up in the place I did, you get used to the idea that existence is dangerous. That what is guaranteed today is not guaranteed tomorrow.

That life can just be gone.

I am not going to say I take comfort from that, but I will say, at least I know I share an ending. And there is a comradery there. I have gotten old, and I accept that The Great Shame comes for me. And fuck it. Lets see what’s out there.

And on THAT note, I am going enjoy more liquor. I will catch you all next time. Same bat time. Same bat channel.

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