Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #77

Jesus fucking christ. Is the week over yet? Yes? Well fuck lets get into it.

You know, I wrote that whole blog last week about strong ass bullshit that happens when you are working, and here it goes again. This time, I am curious if this is a corporate thing, or just an every job type thing.

I call it the salmon/steak quandary. When you deliver steak to someone and they freak out cause they ordered salmon. I turned something in, and it was not at all what this person wanted. But here is where the difference is. This person decided to lay me out a bit for it. Even intimated that I had no idea what I was doing and my incompetency was evident by what I did.

Did not say that EXACTLY but definitely was the meaning of what happened. I did my usual thing, asked them what they would like to see different, and I fixed it (and got their approval) in under 24 hours. Cause I can do these things.

What’s funny is this has probably happened to me two dozen times over my career. I have been screamed at, had things thrown at me, etc. There is a nature to the emphasis in corporate rejection that is just heightened.

I hadn’t had it happen to me in three years. I’m taking the Husker Du approach to it. The person who did this is going somewhere else where I wont have to work for them. So you know, there are things I would like to say, but I am never talking to you again.

Anyway, curious if this happens anywhere else. Where belittling and cheapening your abilities are commonplace. Or common enough to where I would not be surprised.

BG3 took the big prize. I shouldn’t be surprised. They deserve all the laurels they get. My biggest takeaway? I really hope that this brings a new era of gaming. Or at least, building out that corner of gaming that may make actual fucking video games again.

On the video game note, I have friends of mine who are super stoked about the complete surprise Tribes 3 trailer below. I have talked about what Tribes meant to me before, but for this, I am 0% stoked.

The reasons should be office. Some random studio owned by a shitbox developer who happens to own the license. Sure, the game has that Tribes movement right now. I would love to see what this looks like on the internet. With as many players as you could have in a tribes game. No fucking way. Fucking DICE can’t get the netcode right, what makes you think these custers are going to get this shit figured out.

In addition to that, what made Tribes amazing was that it operated as a platform. The modding community fucking MADE that game. Those mods were among the best mods ever made in gaming. Is anyone in modern gaming going to allow mods? Fuck no. Thats how you bleed money. Apparently no one learned any lessons from blizzard. The business community sees creativity as monetizable product going out the door. As far as the market is concerned, Blizzard should own Riot and Steam for ripping off Defense of the Ancients.

So yeah, breathe? I ain’t holding it.

Elon’s whip is fucking trash. It just is. It can’t fit a bike in the back. In fact, the trunk is only useful for another battery for the fucking thing. It’s fuck ugly. And stupid. And if you drive one, you are a fucking douchebag.

Look, see this picture below, this is all you need. Trash all the way down.

Ok, so I’m on the fucking liquor. I am choosing to have the hard conversation. Cause fuck it.

What do we do with something like Channel 5. Andrew fucked up big time. But…he never got charged with anything. And now he is back making content.

And I have been watching it…cause of course I am going to. And…it feels like nothing changed. Its just as good as it was.

So what do we do with something like this. Does forgiveness a thing? What penance is enough to justify the wrong doing? Did he fix himself? I flat out do not know.

I feel like the actual answer is personal…I cancelled my channel 5 patreon when I learned about the shit he did, but I am now watching again with no patreon. And this works for my morality.

Your milage may vary. But this is the best answer I can come up with for now.

On that note, I am going to fade into this liquor. I leave you all with a treat from the latest part of the great album project.

Have a fantastic evening. Enjoy some wine. Get some life in you. Peace.

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