Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #76

Finally! The Liquor! It is salvation! Lets do it!

The past two weeks have been a series of like random ass terrible events that hit me out of no where. Ended up with a stomach bug or some such shit…then a few days later. Uvulitis. I didn’t even think that was a real part that could get infected, but apparently so.

Through a combination of illness and medication, I have been without the liquor for two weeks. It’s good to be home. Don’t leave me again sweet liquor. Cold. It was so cold. And lonely.

All the fucking tragedy in the world. Fucking war. Famine. Conflict.

But now we have a real tragedy. Snoop is giving up the smoke.

What kind of fucking hell is this world?

You know, the young kids said Harambe’s death split the timeline and we are in the worst. And you know, through the immortan presidency, pandemic, and generally shittiness in the world, I didn’t buy it.

Now? Now, I believe.

We need more fucking fisticuffs in congress. I support all possible fights there.

Also, for the record, that ex-MMA guy was going to fight the fucking teamster president. He was going to get his ass beat. Bank on it.

Talk about a bad day for people I fucking hate. Fucking Sam Altman gets the axe at OpenAI. Which given how it happened….there is more to this story (allegedly)…no fucking way the board ousts him this quickly with no backup for business decisions.

And THEN, fuckin Ol Incel Memes shows everyone who he is, and everyone pulls more money out.

On both of these, I say GOOD. Let me be clear. Neither of these fucks are helping humanity. They are both a drag on reality and existence. Fuck these bitches. Here’s hoping we get some good dirt on Altman, and Ol Incel Memes has to continue to bleed whatever money he has left into a deal he didn’t want anyway, forced on him by lawyers smarter than he is.

As always, I am going to keep the quality high, and some times that requires a low quantity. Like today.

Gunna call it at that. Been a long few weeks, and I am going into a week of vacation. And thank the fuck christ for that.

I hope you all have a great thanksgiving. I am going to get a post going for black friday, so expect it.


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