Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #75

Why every week got to be just fuckin pain?

My son got sick (seems to be getting better). My wife had a big scare with the big C (turned out to be nothing). And everyone decided to make my life hell at work.

But we got through it. And truthfully, I feel like the season of spookies is giving away to thanks. Cause, congregation. We survived it. Against all odds, made it past the bullshit (Ethan is still recovering, but looking good). And thank the fuck christ for that.


I’m glad they made a big fucking show of melting the charlottesville statue. I’m glad its fucking gone.

Here’s the thing. My childhood was filled with Lost Cause mythos. Assholes still humping for the four years of the CSA as a way of trying not to say the racist things they want to say.

And all of them are pissed about this (including Ol Incel Memes).

To which I say, fucking good. Stay angry. All that racist bullshit you have put worth into is meaningless. Accept it.

Ill keep it simple. If melting down this statute keeps Ol Incel Memes up at night, it was totally worth the pageantry and production of the whole thing.

Yes, after my rant I still listened to 1989 (Pazuzu’s version). And you know what, still mid.

I am all about shit like this that will fuck over AI.

Look, much like the statue destruction, I am about shame of completely obnoxious annoying people. I have already stated how much i think Tech Bros are overstating what AI can do and how much I hate people who exist only on the internet and think the text other people come up with is reality.

This kind of thing is much more the type of process that AI will have to go through to be something that is actually useful. And I hope someone is pissed about THIS tonight. Good, fuck you and your bullshit.

We all about being St. Angry tonight. Join me.

Hey, lets say you are not into the big bad horror, but you want some light spooky times. Here is a youtube recommendation. Guaranteed to make you laugh your ass off. And get a light taste of the spookies.

One last thing.

You know, I have been called many things in my years. Pretentious. Stuck up. Asshole. Etc.

Especially when it comes to recommendations.

And you know, sometimes, I don’t understand. I think I have pretty wide ranging taste in content.

And then sometimes….sometimes I get it.

This film is coming to the criterion channel next month. Everyone resub to watch it. It’s glorious.

I can’t end a preaching session on here better than that so. Good night all. Enjoy the spooky times. I will catch you next week for more shame, debauchery, and raunch.

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