Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #74

Another week bites the dust. LOOK OUT!

You know, you talk to people and you would think that the recent speaker ousting is fresh chaos. No it isn’t. Its more of the same bullshit.

And this bullshit will continue from some time to come. I see it as rumblings of the fresh hell that awaits us in 2024.

I’ve lived in a swing state now for close to 10 years. I can feel it in the air. Its not just the change of the seasons.

The shame winds. They are coming. All my preroll ads on youtube will soon be political ads. Ill get 3-5 political mailers every day. Someone at my front door once to twice a week.

It’s coming. Prepare yourself.

Well folks its spoopy season. And I am diving deep this year. I’ve been trying to burn through a bunch of shit, and I started straight forward. The V/H/S franchise.

Here’s the thing about “found footage” as a horror concept: you have to do more than Blair Witch. If you can’t don’t show up.

And I actually think the V/H/S films are an interesting way to look at it. We are talking anthology horror so 4-5 pieces per film. I would say on the whole, there is more bad out there than good. Alot of people resting on the sort of generic horror tropes.

That being said, I specifically want to commend V/H/S 94 which (pending tonight’s release of the newest installment) is the best by far. And what works about it is simple. The classic combination of craft, a good idea, great special effects, and not taking itself too seriously.

An enjoyable watch from beginning to end, and if you only watch one, its the one to watch. Consider yourself recommended. Hail Raatma.

Since I came back from New Orleans, it has actually bee shockingly quiet. Sort of putting it in neutral and letting inertia take over into fall.

All that being said, I am not sure what else to write about to be honest.

I have had, all things considered, a resounding medium week. No peaks from which to draw interest.

Oh, I am knee deep in The Cure right now on the great album project. The thing that I am impressed by the most by is how fucking tight the band is off the jump. Not all of their first 5 albums are masterpieces, but they feel completely together at the jump.

I feel like that is most definitely not the case for all bands. Some have to have the rough parts to get to a really solid sound. The Cure seem to be chasing different sounds as they go on, and doing so with proficiency.

And its a perfect band for heading into fall. I feel at one with the seasonal dread.

Many more albums to go, but I am really enjoying it.

On that note, imma go watch that new V/H/S. Have a spooky weekend everybody. Keep your flava fresh, and put some gris-gris at your doorstep to keep the zombada away.

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