Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #73

Its been one of those weeks. Lets get into it.

You ever just feel the Bad Moon Rising. Like you can feel it in the air. Taste it in the water.

I do, at least thats how I feel coming out of the end of this week. I don’t have a direct thing to pinpoint, but…things are….on the rocks with no ice.

Maybe its just paranoia. Maybe its in my head. But I don’t think so. The shit typhoon is coming in better haul in the jib before it is covered in shit.

I have seen a SHOCKING amount of music nerds like go after that new Olivia Rodrigo album. I have no fucking idea why. Like, finally pop music is listening to you. You got something creative here. Like art not product.

Look, its not a perfect album (too many ballads), but this is the first time in a long time that I can honestly say I am excited for a Top 40 artist’s output.

This record is better than the last one, and I think the stock will continue to climb.

I was one of the few and proud at one of the IMAX screenings of the new restoration print of Stop Making Sense done by A24.

Fantastic, gorgeous. Its about time a film this important got that kind of treatment. You can actually see the little fabric lines in the big suit.

That was my main takeaway (other than the amazing Dolby Atmos mix, done by Jerry Harrison, himself) was the detail. I can now see like the reflection of the redlamps on the symbols. I cannot wait for this thing to hit home release to watch it again.

But, lets talk elephant in the room. The Q&A. I have the official version of events in the form of a tweet below, but none of that was my takeaway. Mine was…man…those four people will hate each other to their fucking grave.

I had a friend who INSISTED they were going to announce a reunion tour. No they fucking weren’t. Those cats HATE each other and it shows.

Times change, seasons change, the hatred those four people have….that is a constant in the universe.

I finished a brand new Baldur’s Gate 3 run. Got damn is that game fucking rewarding.

We are really in a great fucking year for gaming. So much good shit is going on at once that is tough to digest it all.

The biggest issue I am having is that I am playing all these super polished games (AC6, Starfield, Sea of Stars) where the mechanics are spectacular and…i’m just stuck on the story.

Like don’t get me wrong, all of these other games…the story is just fine…it is NOT Baldur’s Gate 3. Like they really broke something here.

Maybe I am getting old but that is the standard I am holding future games to. Not the expansive world and customization. The narrative. You got to write man. You got to make something that I find amazing, or I am going to check out.

On that note, I am going to let the liquor do the thinking and keep this one short. I hope you all have a great weekend. Stay away from the voodoo. Keep your armpits clean, and I will yell some shit into the void again next week.

Take it easy.

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