Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #71

Where has the fucking summer gone? Like I know everyone is like “its still here, its hot as shit.” Which is all true. But, my son goes back to school tuesday.

He’s stoked for it cause you know, all his friends are there, etc. And I am down for all of it too. But its just like…fuck its gunna be fall before you know it. And more shame.

Lets jump into the usual preaching.

My wife is currently attempting a reorganization of my son’s toy room, and I am losing my fucking mind. The place is a wreck, so it needs cleaning. Mainly, throwing shit in the fucking garbage.

But oh no, she done watched these fucking shows on netflix. And I am losing my fucking mind.

Look, I get it. You see that rich white people got money to make shit look pretty. Fuckin, we aint got that kind of skrilla OR energy to do it ourselves. My hallway is now a fucking wreck full of my son’s bullshit cause we got to get the right containers for everything.

I lost all my shit in Katrina. There are fucking boxes of toys in his closet that he hasn’t touched in a year or more. You know what that says to me. Fucking garbage.

But that is just me…so instead, this will be my hell all weekend. Oh boy.

So, there has been a lot of bullshit on the internet in the time I was on vacation and away from the AMEN Pew. But there is one I want to focus on

This tweet from the CEO of Open AI.

I spent fucking 10 years in Silicon Valley. And let me tell you, this is how these people are. They never fucking touched a liberal arts class in their life. Or if they have, they never had any kind of epiphany that let them understand why we feel this way about the human experience.

This should terrify people more than Ol Incel Memes deciding to name his company after an Xbox Live handle. Yes, this is in fact how these people are. Be afraid.

And if you don’t get the multifaceted way that this tweet is just fucking wrong, I can’t help you.

I saw the Barbie movie. And I really enjoyed it. It is about 1 or 2 more speeches away from being a Mike Flanangan movie, and we flat out didn’t need Will Ferrel’s part. But apart from that, its got really great shit. Whoever was responsible for that Saving Private Ryan style beach-off, deserves a SFX oscar.

But thats not what we are here to talk about. We are here to talk about franchises.

You got a hit cause you tapped Greta Gerwig to do work. And she don’t make shit.

You don’t need a fucking universe for every fucking thing. For the love of god stop. You are going to do embarrass yourself Mattel. You wont catch lightning in the bottle again. Guaranteed. You will wear a franchise-sick populous to its core.

Stop while you are ahead.

You won’t, but I wish you would.

One quick D4 update. Blizz needs to let the game simmer. I feel like they are just desperate to meet the market who is willing to take a shit in a sock to experience the content. So they rush out the door with everything, including the halfcooked current season where only one thing is powerful and the rest is crap.

Blizzard. You got a win here. Just sit back. Fix the bugs. Balance the game. Chill.

You should have waited 3 months for season 1 to make something really great. Instead, you went on the quest for more money. Brava.

In the time I spent writing that last part, my son ran downstairs excited cause the Gameboy emulator that comes with the Nintendo Online thing for the switch just got two zelda games.

I used my experience in this department to guide him to some games he will love. He just ran on the couch to play some Gameboy greatness.

The kids are alright.

And I can’t end on a better note than that. Have a great one everyone. Enjoy the summer while you still have it. The fall is around the corner, and while my heart is with the fall holidays, get some summer in you. You’ll miss it.

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