Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #70

Where is the fucking year going? Like I had a rough winter -> spring. And those days felt like eternities. But, now here we are, past halftime already. Pretty soon it’ll be christmas trees and shit. And you know what, I’m here for it already.

Sometimes you just want the year to pass. I know thats how I felt about last year. That’s kind of how I feel about this year. Well, hopefully we bring it on home in the second half.

A wise person asked me, why the fuck is everyone obsessed with the submarine. It’s real simple. If it were a script, you would say its too trite and ironic. Rich people trying to curtail regulations die in a moment of hubris. We learned nothing in 100 years, and that’s why people are obsessed.

You can actually viscerally experience history repeating itself. So of course it sits in the collective consciousness. We all know what it is.

Still going on Diablo 4. Still loving it.

I am interested to see what the hell the first season is like. But for now, still a good time. Still recommending it.

Speaking of tragedy and cycles, I am back submersing myself in the culture of my youth. All New Orleans shit all the time. Back listening to OZ. I am currently reading 1 Dead in Attic.

And I am rewatching Treme. I feel like that show got treated way unfairly. No way it was going to “beat” The Wire. I am now old enough to know what it’s like wanting to do something different, and man, am I fucking loving going back through it.

This show pays dividends. Not every arc is a winner, but man the vibe…. having like 3-4 musical acts in every episode is a genius move. I highly recommend giving it a rewatch.

Also, am I destined to have these cycles? I guess a part of my heart will always be in New Orleans. This shouldn’t be surprising, but I am surprised how much kind of chill comfort I am getting from it.

Speaking of raw emotional outpourings, this past few weeks’ band has been U2. Somehow, this is a band I did not grow up with at all. Oh I know the big songs. But prior to this, I had only heard one of the records front to back.

It’s been rewarding, but I have learned something key about myself. It’s not a band I jive with. And thats cool. Like I recognize the quality of the music, but it isn’t for me. Well its not all for me. I fucking loved Achtung Baby, and I am going to spend more time there.

But, I am still left with an inescapable fact. I don’t really ever want to be in the same room as Bono. He strikes me as a man who never learned to have fun. Or grew up in a time where he felt it was wrong for him to have fun…

Let’s put it this way. Every single person who says that love the band should watch the Rattle & Hum movie. Someone sent me a bootleg link, and I feel like its the thing that made me understand the band. This is a group of people who 1) are ultra serious all the time and 2) had too much success too young to where they think every word they say is the most profound thing ever. Especially Bono. Bono is the main character in Stephen’s Last Night in Town.

The band apparently hates the project. I don’t know why. Maybe the documentary was….*gasp*… too raw on who they are as people?

I think so anyway. It needs a blu ray release. I will buy it. Check this out.

That sounds like a good stopping point. I’m going to go bury myself in more New Orleans shit. Have a fantastic evening everyone out there in TV Land.

May your favorite show always be on, and may you have a spare blank VHS nearby.

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