Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #68

Oh time. Continuing to pass. Full of bullshit. Lets get in it.

My son perforated his eardrum. Pinhole. No small feat though. Nearest we can tell, a sudden change in air pressure from diving into the pool at his swim lessons gave him the hole.

So it goes.

He decided to act out on the pain from his injuries upon his teachers who gave him something hard to test him. Crumpled the paper in front of the teacher. He got heavily punished at home for it. No new Zelda for him, among other punishments.

So it goes.

And now he seems like he is getting sick. Lots of green snot. No fever yet, but tired. Side effects from the ear healing? Maybe. Could he wake up tomorrow with a fever? Also maybe.

I am not sure I will ever get a year where nothing happens. Where it’ll just be chill and shit happens smooth. Guess not. Just hope he gets healthy.

The next artist up on the full discography pass through is Lou Reed. Other than the big hit and the album it came from, I knew almost nothing about the discography.

It has been…an odd journey to say the least. And yes, I listened to Metal Machine Music in its entirety. And it sucked that hard. Like someone having a tantrum on speed.

It seems like Lou wanted to be a mega rock star. Like Mick Jagger. Hoss, he ain’t got it in him. Where I am at right now, he is finally accepting the raunch on its face, which is what he should have done like 3 albums into his discography.

That being said, we have fucking weird ass gems on the record I’m on now, like below, so I am happy with that.

So, I did a big Diablo IV rant the other day. Since then, they turned the servers back on for a weekend. And I probably played the least I played of the beta’s I have been involved in.

Night and fucking day.

Holy shit they polished this one up. I can’t fucking believe it. Barbarian feels great. Hell the whole game feels great to play. Engaging. Smooth. The gameplay pays off more. Feels more streamlined somehow.

A full 180. Of course, I will hold all reservations until the game comes out in June. But I went from total dread to complete anticipation. I am stoked for the release.

The only one of my reservations they haven’t dealt with is the endgame…only cause I haven’t seen it yet. I suppose we will find out, but for the short term, wheeeeeeee

I know a ton of people who are freaking out about the immortan’s town hall and the shit that comes out of Ol Incel Memes’ mouth.

These people are giving their fans what they want. They are walking on stage, playing Margaritaville, walking off.

The sooner you except what they are, the sooner you can shut that shit out of your life. Its the same with my family members. Starve them of attention and they will wither. Just don’t respond. Don’t talk on the internet.

Nothing’s shocking.

So, I had a weird gap in culture knowledge moment. You know, there is shit that you are contemporary to that you just fucking miss. There is a ton of it out there. I ran into one.

And I ran into it in the nerdiest way possible.

Someone made a DOOM mod of the novel House of Leaves. Not quite, but close.

I was so impressed. I got the book delivered on Monday, and I finished it last night.

That’s right, tore through all of House of Leaves in a week. This impressed a few people I discussed it with. I read as part of my job, so tearing through a book, no matter how fucking weird and purposely difficult to read, I can knock it out.

I really enjoyed it. It was sold as this big horror epic, and it is that. It’s also a biting critique of academia writing. And by the time you get to the end of it, its sort of a discussion of grief.

I wasn’t prepared for it to be so sad at the end. I was prepared for the big scare. It has some of those, but it definitely comes to a really satisfying, heartbreaking conclusion at the end.

I’m actually going to pick up some of this author’s other books. See if I connect to them as much.

On that note, cashing my chips in.

Summer is beginning, and I am hoping it is a good one. Much better than the hard winter and soft spring before it.

Hope everyone is doing well out there in TV Land. Take care of yourself. I’m trying.

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