Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #67

It is amazing how much can happen in a few weeks. From darkness to the light as they say. After my medical episode a few weeks back, things are looking positive. Wife has five different interviews next week, I’m feeling good, works going well, booked an extra long summer vacation, and my son is doing really well at school.

For as dark as the winter/spring of this year has been, it is looking like we will be heading into a dope summer. At least this is where I stand today, maybe Ill feel different next week. But for now, looking good billy ray, feeling good louis.

Tore through the Icelandic queen Bjork‘s discography this past week. She is definitely the best when she is the most random. The more she does a bunch of different styles of music over a bunch of topics, the higher the quality. This is why Post is a masterpiece and Utopia is uninspired sad bastard music over flute tracks.

She has 2-3 masterpiece albums and then the rest is kind of the same soup of droning and classical instrumentation. If that is your bag, that’s fine, but I will stick with the weird.

Here’s some weird.

My son had his like spring festival tonight. I saw a guy in a Trump 2024 shirt. But I saw one guy in a 8-bit mega man shirt and another guy in a black flag shirt. So you know, it evens out.

Watched an insane documentary last weekend that I got to recommend. 2nd Chance is not like the top of documentary craft, but it doesn’t matter when the subject matter is this insane.

I kind of wish they discussed the sort of pre-MAGA choad politics the dude had, but this just the facts approach makes sure you know he deserves no glorification. He comes off as a massive douche, a massive American douche.

Highly recommend. Good work.

Another thing about this festival at my son’s school. Last year, I was piss scared of COVID. I didn’t want to go cause I didn’t want that rona. And I saw a ton of masks.

This year, I was care free. Had a much less outwardly hateful attitude, and I didn’t see a mask on anyone. Including myself.

A year has made the difference. Has it gone away…nope… has everyone I know gotten it at least once now. Yes.

I don’t know what all this data means. Still processing. Come back later. Cannot compute.

Oh! But I do know this, I would prefer not to be around people. Just not outside anyway. By the time I hit retirement, I will go full agoraphobic.

Well I have hit the liquor, and its been a week of rises and falls, so I will leave it here.

For the first time in a long time, I am feeling pretty good about the direction of existence. I’m….dare I say…hopeful?

It wont last. Do dope, fuck hope is what I live by. But, today, right now, Life is good. I can’t complain.

Ill wait for the shit avalanche on monday. Till then. Keep yo flava fresh, and stay awesome. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t be.

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