Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #66

What a fucking miserable ass week. I got liquor. Lets get into the shame.

I may have mentioned this before but my wife lost her job at the beginning of the year. She’s been on the hunt and her biggest prospects fell through this week.

Dear congregation, we are doing just fine in skrilla terms. In emotional terms… it is taking its toll.

I feel like what people look for in interviews is totally wrong. Boomers fucking complain about my generation not wanting to work, but they flat out go about hiring in the most ass backward way possible.

23 is going to end up being a shit year full of drama, which I don’t fucking need after last year.

Ah well, so it goes. We have been through worse. And we will get through this. Now onto more stupid.

The highlight of the year has been this album a day action. Current artist, De La Soul.

Those first four albums are fucking amazing. We just got to the 2000s, and they definitely weren’t immune to the trends of the day. My biggest takeaway so far, is that a combination of label bullshit and not being able to clear samples prevent De La Soul from being as big as they should be. And they should be fucking HUGE.

Cause those first four albums, i still haven’t digested them. Masterpieces all the way through. An amazing combination of sampling technique and rapsmanship. Holy shit is it good.

Seriously, while they are online, go listen to those first four De La albums. You will not be dissapointed.

Here’s the thing about the bud light thing, the 22nd Rule of Acquisition states that “A wise man can hear profit in the wind.” AB Bev is not altruistic. They want money. The conservative asshole market is tapped out, so they move on. Never assume altruism for a corporation. They want money.

This is why the protests are hilarious to me. Fucking conservatives don’t realize they aren’t the draw. They aren’t the untapped market. AB Bev isn’t actually doing things positive for trans people, they want more people drinking bud light. Thats it. Thats all of it.

This has been a fucking odd duck of a week.

The comfort I have gotten has been through going back into DS9. Like I did during the pandemic. I suppose emotionally that is where I am.

Man, that show, had the top flight actors. Top flight writing. Fucking it needs more praise. You should watch it.

Here’s the thing, it will hold a special place in my heart. Not just because it blocked all the softcore porn i recorded on tape on free HBO weekends, but because it is a good show. Watch it.

Alright, liquor is hitting harder than I expected. My kid needs some shit so Ill go take care of that. Next week will be an album review, and the week after that will be some WoW shit, so hopefully I don’t lose everyone in the interim.

For the time being, a taste of things yet to come. Have a GOOD friday (and I don’t mean jesus). Get fucked up. Its the only thing getting me through the days, I assure you.


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