Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #65

Getting through life should come with prizes.

This week, I definitely feel age hitting me. Neck has been fucking sore all week. Can’t get a decent night’s sleep. General anxiety over trying to make it through this life.

Really I suppose its more of the same, but it just felt….extra heavy this week.

Nothing a little liquor won’t cure. Better enjoy that before the slow march of time takes that away.

Slow Train Comin…

This one is an odd duck. I spent time in Silicon Valley, so this is one I didn’t expect. Everybody out there banked with SVB. In my time there, I saw the birth, life, and death of a thousand startups… SVB was there through all of it. Never did I think they would shut their doors, let alone the government take them over. Never thought of them as a place taking on a bunch of risk.

Now the word of the day for those who follow the latest in the fall of the republic is contagion. Is this going to spread to other banks.

I doubt it just by sheer force of scale, but we live in odd times. Maybe you get some cash and tuck it away. Maybe you eat that new vacation you just booked.

Who knows. Keep watching the skies. Cause for sure this is one I did not see coming.

I finished the Genesis run. Other than my praise for one of their records, I got three big takeaways.

  • That band needed P Gabes. Once he left, man that band went through some shit. It isn’t like Mr. Gabriel wrote all their tunes, but like any band dynamic, without one, they were missing something. And it was a big something in Genesis’ case. With an odd exception, you can skip anything after he l left.
  • Maybe I was too hard on Mr. Dylan. Cause his lowest lows do NOT fucking compete with Genesis’ lowest lows (see below). Woof.
  • It was all totally worth it. I got some new albums that mean the world to me. And I got some fucking big flava songs that more people should cover.

Expect more of these in the future. Hopefully without 6-8+ albums of pure shame.

In a rare turn before jumping to a gif and the next topic, look at this music video. Holy fucking shit. What the hell were they thinking.

Hey, you guys remember when Snoop pulled all the fucking death row albums off of streaming cause they were going to be NFTs and shit. Yeah, he realized thats not how reality works and has put everything back where it was.

Look. I love Snoop. I don’t care he appears on the worst album of all time. But whoever convinced him what an NFT can do and can’t is an idiot.

I agree he should have been paid more back in the day. This is the nature of the terrible game that is played with artists. I hope he gets his bag, but NFTs. That ain’t it.

Liquor is kicking in boys. Ooo shit.

Look, I have a ton to say about Diablo IV. It’s a game I am going to spend some time with. Expect a post in the future, but lets put that aside for now.

I love shame. Everyone knows it. And boy did Blizzard give me a good one. I wonder what the conversation was at Blizzard when they were thinking this up. “What is something those fucking PC nerds like to do that we could use to promote our game…. EAT! Those fat fucks love the fucking food. Get us some food sponsorship.”

In a way, well done. You are high in the running for shame earner of the year. Well done.

[Editor’s Note: Twitter fucked me on a direct embed. Click the link to see the Diablo IV shame.]

And on that note, I am out to enjoy this fucking liquor and the rest of my friday.

Hope you enjoy yours. See you next week.

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