Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #64

It’s been a minute. It’s been busy. I cannot fucking believe its almost march. This year is going at warp speed, which makes me scared for 2024. Usually when one year flies by, the next one is a drag. 2022 felt like a drag. 2023, so far, ludicrous speed.

Let’s get it in.

On the homestead front, it has been a cloudy year. With my wife having to go on the job hunt after many years. The light is starting to come through, but it’s proving to be an emotionally fraught experience. I can only hope for stability through the rest of 23.

But to be honest, so far, better year than the last one. My son is doing good at school. A ton of extracurriculars (karate, swimming, coding, golf, basketball).

I’ve honestly been too busy to look my head up. Hoping I get some of that later this year.

As discussed at length, I am STILL going through discographies. Now I got one of the party people in the know on the trip with me. Current topic is Genesis, which I am not thinking will get its own blog post save for a retrospective on one album (stay tuned for next week).

But, man I can’t express how much I am enjoying this shit. Diving cold into shit I never heard again. It really is giving me energy. Like even if the album is mediocre. Its a big surprise for me to just jump into a record.

And hey, some of it, I have a real person connection to, dig the vibes there of, and/or just flat out think is a masterpiece (again, see next week). So far, we got to Genesis’ big record. So not the REAL shame yet. But for now, I am just happy to be innudated by the new.

Music has taken over from movies for now, and I am totally fine with that.

You know what MTG, fine. You get your separation… But this time, I get to be Sherman. And we not stopping at Charleston. I’m turning the army around and we doing the rest of it. Hell, Ill turn it around past Texas and we will go north from there. War is hell.

Ok, I am going to do the damnable thing now. Cause I’ve been drinking.

You see all these places passing bans on laws that actually effect Trans youth. I don’t see big protests there. Or at the legislators who wrote the laws houses. Or at the respective governors mansions. Nope, those energies have been reserved to video games.

Grow the fuck up. Either do things that are actually difficult, like being in the streets or fucking don’t. I tell you what is stupid, bulling randoms on the internet who have no legislative power.

I don’t have skin in this game. I want to see everyone get all their rights. I just don’t think any cause is furthered on the internet. At all. The internet is a worthless fucking thing. I know it is, cause I get to write on it.

One last thing before I go. Another friend of mine is watching Silicon Valley for the first time. And oh man, I loved that show. In another life, I lived there, and I used to teach newcomers about how the area works. And when I did, I used to point to that show. Like sure, its satire, but it is on the fucking nose.

Nothing else I have seen captured a time and a place in my life in the same way. There are so many stories that are unfortunately still not fit to put here (maybe someday). But man, I connect to everything in that show in a big way.

I leave you with a character who I have seen several of in my life. And man….it’s scary.

And on that note. A taste from next week, cause I can’t help myself. Hope you are making it just fine through this winter. We are almost done. Just hunker down. Get some flava when you can.


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