Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #61

A rare Sunday Morning Coming Down episode of the AMEN Pew. Sorry I missed friday. I think itll be clear why.

You know, there are years in my life that I do not recall. Maybe I can recall an event or two or maybe something happened that makes for a great story that I will tell forever.

But as a whole, there are some years that just come and go with the tides. 2022 is a year that I think I will remember the entirety of from beginning to end.

As if deaths hadn’t been enough for a year of stupidity and bullshit, my wife got laid off.

Now, don’t cry for me, Argentina. We are going to be just fine. We play life like a survival game, and we are set up just fine. But, thats not the point. The actual point is we have 20 days left of this miserable fucking year. Will the rest of it pass without incident? I fucking hope so. Cause at this point, I feel like the pain is infinite and everlasting. I can only hope 2023 is better than this shit.

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while. I fucking knew that Channel 5 had a crew there when the walmart shoppers stormed the capitol. Glad they got good enough shit to make a full movie.

This is mandatory viewing when it comes out, and you better believe I’ll be watching.

Just let these people fuck. Like yeah, they be cheating and shit. But, its like. In the year of our lord 2022, we really going to clutch our pearls over CONCENT? Didn’t we have a morning show host with a button under his desk to seal off his rape dungeon? Like, just let two people who want to fuck fuck. Fuck.

After thoroughly enjoying an hour and change of anthropological, sociological, and psychological analysis into the culture around World of Warcraft. I have a few thoughts.

For me it is simpler than this, we have incentivized behaviors that are anti-human. Blizzard shouldnt feel bad about THIS particular issue, as we do this all the time. If this kind of “trying to figure out how to break the game and then have that game breaking become the only way to play” behavior was in finance, we would call it arbitrage.

This is basically what investment bankers do all day. Figure out a structure to a system, where the exploits are, and capitalize on it. Instead of making an add on to draw lines or point directions where you should be during a raid boss encounter, its like defrauding foreign governments and shit.

I would argue that may be a better use of time than ruining a game that I spend too much time on. At least then you would have money to show for it instead of the lamest flex possible: “World first.”

This shit, I flat out don’t get.

First, why now and why this. You could have stopped Disney from buying Fox. Or Disney buying Marvel. Or Amazon buying MGM. There have been a TON of big ass media acquisitions. Why this one? Cause it was time to pump the brakes on one?

Second, from an administrative perspective, this is just posturing. If they wanted to actually stop it, they would have to put in a complaint in federal court. They put it in their court system which doesn’t fucking matter, especially now that they are going to get hit with the nerf bat.

So, wtf FTC. Are you cowards? Do you want to do that damnable thing the right hates and “virtue signal.”

Don’t get me wrong. We should have been doing the antitrust thing for a while now. But its fucking too late. You guys let the clown out of the box. Don’t expect it to go back in.

And on that note, I am out. Try to have a decent week. We will be picking up the pieces here, figuring out whats next, and trying to have a fucking Christmas.

Hopefully you can do the same. Peace out.

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