Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #6

You already know what it is

Lets get it in [Editor’s Note: I started this entry last night during the usual AMEN festivites. However, I didnt finish it. Also, I fucked up a bunch of formatting shit cause you know…turnt. I fixed most of that and finished it].

 I am SO GLAD Joe Bob Briggs is back broadcasting. I missed his voice. The man is hero. Listen to this rant. Just like the old days.

 As we have previously discussed, the lord and savior of the internet has gone off to make sad bastard music for 13 year old girls. However, I very much knew that we would have a new savior at some point. What is dead may never die, there must always be a Lich King, all that shit. And well, we have it. What Jack Black has done with his youtube channel is a fucking breath of fresh air. In a land of douchebags buying $10k hoodies and people yelling into camera  while reading memes, here is Jablinski. Purifying the internet for all of us. I look forward to it every friday, and I can only hope it continues ad infinitium. 

 I have been a ton of places in my life, and have had the pleasure of living in a bunch of cities. Here’s what I have taken away from my travels. My ass is never living less than 30 minutes from a Trader Joe’s. They figured out something simple. If you want good shit, just control everything. Make your own products and if they are good, people will come. And GOT DAMN that shit is good. 

I have had some mediocre things and some things that aren’t for me. But, they got the best fucking cheap wine on planet earth. Chips. Coffee. Any of their frozen shit is amazing. Go buy your ass some TJs shit. 

Oh and live in a state where you can get their scotch and vodka. Not a dumb ass state where you have to go to a fucking liquor store. 

I have recently been asked if I am going to do go do the Wow Classic thing. Like people out here straight up getting 100k viewers beating on trash mobs in the starting area. 

Look man, I LIVED it. I dont want to go back. I dont want to go back to having to farm soul shards in EPL for 45 min before I can do anything in the game. I dont want to go back to wiping constantly on dungeons. Seriously, people were watching like 2 hour deadmines runs. TWO. HOURS. 

Its real simple. Classic’s most attractive features are everything I HATED about the game. Dungeons. Wipes. Having to sit silently in chat with a group of assholes trying to get a cape. Shit taking too long to travel. 

I couldnt IMAGINE having to farm gold again for a lvl 40 mount. 

Nope, we have move past it. And while there is plenty things I dont like about what they have done with WoW. None of it is stuff they took away from Vanilla. 

Just remember the good times. It is better in your head.

Whew. Got it done. Im out. Have a good one chirren.  

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