Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #58

Week started off rough, ended strong. I’m feeling a strong 8 to light 9 on the week.

Quick programming note: Expect more AMEN Pew’s through the end of the year. Possible review in between. Between life stuff and work stuff, I am finding it harder and harder to get enough time to craft the genuine preaching that is needed.

I should have a review up for next week’s post (considering the amount of shit I am going to watch this weekend, I better have something worth reviewing).

So yeah, there it is, and on with the show.

You ever have those weeks where you feel like you are just someone’s obstruction. That you are in the way and the other person would like nothing more than to run you down?

That was definitely how this week started.

You ever have that situation where you are feeling low about yourself then you find out about someone else’s shame, and its so magnificent and glorious that you don’t feel nearly as bad about your meager problems.

That was definitely how this week ended.

Hey, sometimes you just want that fucking smoke and chill content. That just sit back and relax shit.

Watch this dude play Risk for an hour and a half. Chill, relaxing. Good fucking times. A good reset in a month beset with the finest offerings the horror genre has to offer.

So go ahead and kickback.

I desperately want this to be true.

Please let the next generation be advancing the art of surrealism. Go all in. I want Dada back. The world is in the shitter, so lets all go nuts. I am all about this all the way.

The other lesson from this. As always. The kids are alright.

Now look, I know I was wrong about Fatman. Far to serious for its own good. But this. This is the right fucking tone. 100% the tone we should have had in the first place.

Looks like fucking the night the reindeer died. I’m all in on watching this shit. Please be fucking awesome.

You know what has been my casual rewatch of late? The X-Files.

Man, remember when conspiracy theories were fun? Remember when they didn’t ruin the whole fucking world. Remember when they didn’t harm our fellow man. Pepperidge farm remembers.

Anyway, you know what works from day one on that fucking show. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson. Holy shit they work together from the first goddamn episode.

I tuned out somewhere right before the first movie. I think I may try for a full back to front watch. I’m really curious about what I think about any of it. Cause I never saw latter-day X-Files. No T-1000 X-Files.

So, I’ll watch it all and see where it goes. For now, I am just grooving on these two playing off each other.

Well on that note, I got a pile of stuff to watch. So, I gotta get on that. Hopefully your feeling as good as I am right now. Take it easy, take care, and do whats right for you. No one else will.

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