Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #57

This week was…

So lets talk about it.

I saw something recently that was like anxiety is through the roof, and I’m like, of course man. Why wouldn’t it? It feels like humanity is circling the fucking drain.

And shit like this ain’t helping. The BIG MAN decided that the world needs to fucking end for his fucking failure of a fucking war.

I have no idea what happens when the first nuke (tactical or otherwise) gets launched….

All I know is that I hope i get the 30 min warning like in Hawaii.

Speaking of doom, I just had an argument that I lost, trying to prosthelytize the virtues of Randy Newman. Apparently, this is just lost to the world.

And for the record, I lost cause I have no energy for it. I have no desire anymore if I get shutdown immediately to engage. It just disconnects me further from humanity. Shit, maybe we need the bomb.

In an effort to feel more like being a part of humanity, I have really been enjoying Shudder’s take on the Bravo’s 101 Scariest Movie Moments.

If nothing else, it is amazing to see horror legends talk about the things that inspire them. Like Joe Dante talking about Black Sabbath.

Or this. Like this is enough to justify the existence of the show. If you are like me and resub to get some horror, you should check it out.

I want to give a big shout out to the Angry Video Game Nerd. Like I know things have been weak of late, but I want to shout out some free youtube horror.

That in and of itself may be a spoiler, but I HIGHLY recommend watching this playlist of videos. It’s a board game review series…thats really all you should know.

Oh, and it’s the best thing he ever made.

Like legit horror movies aren’t this good.

I want to acknowledge Ian.

Everyone is quick to forget every fucking hurricane. As if the next one isn’t around the corner. What Florida is going through is going to be all over the gulf coast and the atlantic coast. We need to get infrastructure going and prep going.

We won’t. So things will keep being sad, and tragedy will continue.

But Florida, I hear you. Wishing you good luck in your recovery.

And on that note. That’s all I have energy for today. Here’s hoping for a future. Not even a better future. Just that we continue.

That is all.

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