Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #55

Got to be honest. Best week I have had in a while. Sure, both my wife and I have a ton of work stress. And sure stupid life shit comes at from all sides. And the world is still out there going to shit…

But for some reason, less overall dread about existence. Maybe the things I do to escape the unfathomable depression of existence for 5 minutes have been working better.

Maybe I have reached the fuck it period of life. Regardless, I feel pretty good.

I realized I never did a formal update on the two separate pain posts I put up regarding my experience with the Rona.

Well, at least as far as I can tell, everyone made it to the other side with no bullshit. It took me about 2-3 days to fully get taste back. About 2 more for smell.

Even if my son wouldn’t have got it at camp, he would have for sure brought it home from school, cause it seems like everyone else who hadn’t had it at his school, got it.

In a weird way, I am grateful for the timing. Given the shit that happened this summer, got lucky as far as timing goes, nothing was going on.

Now I just want that new new. After all that shit I dealt with, I don’t want to deal with COVID ever again. Fuck that disease. Shit.

Speaking of shit that got me feeling positive, that fucking 25th Anniversary concert for South Park was amazing. I picked up a Paramount+ sub just to watch some fucking DS9 while I was sick.

Holy shit it was better than I expected. First off, backing band was fucking Primus AND Ween.

I mean that should be enough right there.

But no, Trey and Matt gave everything they had and put on a great goddamn show. Lots of energy in the songs. Playing all the fan favorites. They only missed one I was hoping for, but I will let it slide. Cause we also got two extra Primus songs and two extra Ween songs. That’s price of admission right there.

Oh, and they are putting it up for free tonight at 8pm. You are welcome.

Speaking of good shit, fucking good ass album dropped this week. I have been into Black Thought‘s stuff for a while now, and we all know of my love for Danger Mouse. So, this is most definitely two things go together great.

The production is like an indie rap album from the early 2000s that never came out. Samples are perfect…it has a bit of that Def Jux kind of sound. You get an MF DOOM verse leftover from the aforementioned Danger Mouse project, and some boss ass features.

All in all, good shit. Enjoy it.

Another big topic for this week. D&D is changing to a constantly online format. Roleplaying as a service if you will. Considering the amount of third-party crap it takes to do a campaign online, i am not surprised.

A lot of worry about monetization, but I feel like the parties that control D&D will get that solved. After going through all the 5e books, I am certain that these nerds don’t want to lose the goodwill they have built up.

Time will tell, but this could be a good thing.

Well, lets call it at that. Doing good, and I hope you are too. A preview of coming attractions for next week’s post. Till then, keep yo flava fresh, keep shutting the fuck up, and do something awesome for yourself.

It’s the right thing to do.

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