Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #54

I had a whole other post I was fucking down the road on. Life, as usual, got in the way. So, I drown my sorrows in the liquor and move on. Lets fucking do the preaching.

Can I just get a year where nothing goes wrong?

More than that, a year where nothing happens. Just quiet. Just fucking a year of decay of my body and the world writ large.

But quiet. It would be worth it.

Its not enough for the world to go to shit. My son gets a weird fucking rash (turned out to be light after a doctor visit). My car died, stuck at the dealership for a week. I got a never-ending trough of stupid work shit that is tearing a groove into my brain.

It’s just like. Lets have some quiet. We at halftime in the year. Can the rest of 2022 be chill? Just smoke and chill? No?

Well, then fuck you.

Pour one out for the homies. Desus & Mero are done. If you believe reddit, its due to their manager being a dick.

I don’t care. These guys should have figured it out. God I wish they would have. They were one of the few good things that got me through the beginning of the pandemic. I will follow whatever they do next, but it wont be the same. You need that partnership. They were fucking amazing at going back and forth with each other.

We will see. For now, we celebrate the good times. Here is some good shit.

This came into my transom this week. Apparently with some like…..weird ass like “oh another woke thing” bullshit attached to it.

Look, Horror has ALWAYS been a genre where everyone is welcome. EVERYONE gets their horror movie. No matter what. Period. You dont like that. Fuck off. Personally, Ill be watching this the day it comes out.

You know how I know I am getting old?

The activity I am did from 15 through early 30s is not enough anymore. I’m about 40lbs heavier than where I was at the start of college. Doesn’t show much cause of height, but its like….what am I supposed to do.

Cut back on the vices? Probably. Not going to happen. Not as long as the world is filled with pain.

Exercise more? I dont have the time. I cant do 6 mile runs on the weekend like I used to.

Do I just accept this fate as 40 cuts the corner right in front of me? Maybe?

Existence is Pain.

I am always on the lookout for comfort content, and I hit a good one. After many years, I finally got around to Justified. Holy shit am I enjoying it.

What I like about it, its far less about convoluted plot like most procedurals, but its got this personality driven story. Personality and characters. And its got my man Walton Goggins in it.

I am loving the show, and you should to.

Lets call it there. Hopefully we all have good weekends. Chill. Fuckin awesome.

Tap into your strategic flava reserves. Its going to be a long 2nd half of the year. I know I will be.


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