Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #53

You know, for hoping things got better, they most definitely did not. Holy shit have the past fucking month been god damn miserable.

Well, I got my swish on… lets get into it.

June was some shit. Fucking bullshit work stuff. Then my grandmother dies. Then, my son was playing tag at camp and managed to fall on his wrist. And my wife was out of town for that so I was solo handling all of it, and it was just a mess.

I did manage to get a vacation in, so that was nice.

Oh, and did i mention the fucking world got even dumber? Roe got reversed. Christians have gone militant. Fucking people be out here doing more crazy shit. Economy continues the slow ride into the shitter. And the Rona ain’t going away.

You know, i just want a year. A full year in which nothing happens. Its quite. No bullshit. Just coasting through an entire year.

Wouldn’t that be nice. It will never happen, but wouldn’t it be nice?

In these dark times, you got to find your joy when you can get it. For example, a few years back, someone hipped me to the existence of George Shea and his fabulous introductions to the competitors of the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest.

And he did not disappoint. If you need to feel fantastic for a brief second, get you some.

In the continued spread of destruction being how any issues are resolved, some, I’m sure MAGA Choad blew up the Georgia Guidestones.

Now look, I am certainly no fan of the politics or stupidity around the guidestones, but it was a piece of oddity. A southern-fried stupidity put up in 20 tons of granite each. And its gone.

Look, if you don’t like it, use the systems of government. This like anonymous rage is for the birds.

I came across this term in my travels on the internet on this topic. Accelerationist. Apparently the MAGA/Q Anon crowd are looking for people to “accelerate” the bigger conflict, and this is considered one of those.

I hate to break it to you dog. No one cares. Congratulations. You blew up an obscure footnote of Americana. No one will care from here forward. And if you get caught, you getting the Fresh Fish treatment. Hope it was worth it.

Now look, I know this is going to suck (natch). But, I need some kind of victory god dammit. I really do. And the idea of Jamie Foxx and Snoop as vampire hunters in a movie directed by a stunt coordinator.

Dammit i want it to be good. You sorry fuck. Make it full of schlock.

I usually in here with some sort of Liturgy toward Flava and its finer acts, but man these days, it is hard for me to say any of that is coming.

In fact, it is hard for me to be positive about anything right now.

So I will say this. Survival. Like Mad Max. Get to the other side. Thats my attitude now. As far as I am concerned, 2022 is a fucking wash. Family dead, family injured, bullshit on livelihood, and the walls of reality closing in. Comfort. Thats what I want. Some kind of comfort. Hopefully its soon.

If not, fuck it. We been here. We will continue to be here.

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