Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #52

More shit. More shame. More liquor.

Well, one aspect of the current trends hit my way. Without going into too much detail, it is a rough time to be gainfully employed at large.

I was having this discussion with my wife last night. When I was growing up, I do not remember this much turmoil. Maybe it is a matter of privilege, but things felt…..I dunno, stable. My parents both had the same job for the entirety of my beginning life, from birth to college.

And I assumed, cause I was trying to do better than they would that my life would be on easy street. Just work, retire, death.

I think our whole generation doesn’t get to live in times of any kind of comfort. I can only hope that things even out by the time my kids gets out of college, but at the rate shit is going, it ain’t looking good hoss.

Alot of moaning and gnashing of teeth out there for Diablo Immortal. There will be a blog in a few weeks when I get there, but I wanted to share a preliminary hot take.

I’m around level 45 right now. 60 is the cap. I playing it off and on, when I can. No grinding. Definitely not paying one red dime….If I can beat the final boss in the campaign without spending money, I mean……you know what. Bully. Sounds good to me.

Oh also, no matter how much you whinge, Blizz already won. We discussed this. They gunna make so much fucking money. The war is over. You lost. And blizz will cash your tears straight to the fucking bank.

So, I watched The Northman. Intelligent motherfuckers said everything that needs to be said (see below), but someone asked me for my thoughts, so here they are. Its fine. I think its Eggers worst movie. Like I get what he is going for, the anti-bro, anti-revenge revenge epic. But its like….they spent too much money on it to make his point. The revenge looks too good, and the fucked up parts aren’t fucked up enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I dont hate it, I am just really meh on it. I doubt I will watch it again.

Someone asked me this week to describe how I am feeling right now in one word.

I said “pain.”

I got a new thing I fucking hate. My wife has gotten into this…brand…I dont know how to describe it. There are books and a show now….called The Home Edit.

Here is the issue I have with all home organization concepts. These people must not live. Like they must not live their life. Or they are rich enough to fucking afford someone following around them to clean up their shit.

Cause yeah, I get it. What they set up looks nice.

You ever had a kid? Or fuck that. Are you like me and are just a fucking slob? I don’t have the energy to fucking maintain a instagram level aesthetic. I would rather just eat cheetos, drink, and fart all over my house.

When the revolution comes, we eating these people too.

Well to make the shame that is this week complete, I have been bested by my own flesh and blood at Smash. With me playing my main no less.

Yep. Shame is complete. Life is not worth living. Existence is bullshit. Hopefully we are all still alive next week, and there will be more preaching.

Find a reason to go on I guess? I know I am still looking for it.

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