Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #50

It’s a party. Put yo weight on it! We made it to 50 entries in the AMEN Pew. And now the celebration!

I fucking hope HOPE Ol Incel Memes manages to get twitter. Why? Cause he gunna have to leverage 21B of his fucking Tesla stock on a debt instrument to pull it off.

Wouldn’t it be the fucking ideal scenario if both Tesla and Twitter’s stock starts to plummet and Elon is stuck holding the bag for billions in debt. Holy shit that would be fucking glorious.

So, go ahead Ol Incel Memes. Can’t ruin what is already a fucking trash pile to begin with. You can only ruin yourself.

So, at the request of my friends, I watched The Batman.

It didn’t deserve its own review. Its fine…..

All of its problems are related to the script. The actors I think did the best they could with the material they had. The script is like 4 episodes of a TV show crammed into one, with stupid turns and corny dialogue throughout.

The thing is, its extremely not memorable. You know how people still meme TDK to death to this day, I cant see that happening with The Batman.

Its just very bland….and at 3 HOURS long, it is way to boring to deserve me sitting through it again.

It passed. But barely. You know what it got? F+. Click.

Lets talk about how everyone is HORNY for the death of Netflix.

I think people always like seeing the king knocked down a few notches. And especially after some pretty public failures, I think people want to see this.

But, I find that people have difficulty describing what they want. They jump from service to service to follow whatever the new hot shit is, whether good or bad.

Ill tell you what I want. Its already here. Want to see what the post-Netflix streaming reality looks like.

Look at Tubi, Filmrise, and Pluto TV.

Completely free services with PILES of good ass content. Shit that wasn’t streaming anywhere else previously. Shit like Old School Iron Chef, fuckin old ass anime, Rudy Ray Moore movies, big indie documentaries. The works.

I am kind of surprised no one is talking about this. It has gotten to the point where other than HBO Max, I am using one of these three the most and its fucking FREE asshole.

Free. I highly recommend checking it out. Got good stuff on there.

Fuckin Cronenberg is back bayyy beee.

Or at least I am fucking hopeful. After being knee deep in crime drama for too long, he is finally going back to the good shit.

Body horror.

First time in a long time, i am actually HYPED for a movie. I want this to fucking be good. I want him to return to Videodrome level glory.

Let it be great.

You know, I had a fucking good week. You know what made my week better, the fucking return of Aqua Teen Hunger Force!

Yeah, shocked me too. I don’t care if its just 4 min shorts. I am all ABOUT this shit. My kind of shit. The glory era of Adult Swim…though I suppose its all glory era….

And the shorts are good too. Just as stupid. Just as loud. Just as amazing.

I just want to say thanks to the congregation. 50 episodes of just random ranting into the void and all the right people are still reading. Hope im keeping it entertaining enough to keep reading.

Alright party people. Have a great fucking weekend. Take care of yourself. Don’t do nothing stupid. Rona still out there, so make sure you vaxxed up. Long live the new flesh!

I’m going get drunk. Peace.

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