Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #49

You know, this post almost didn’t happen.

It has been a mentally taxing week. Too much happening all at once. My brain hasn’t been drained like this in years.

Lets try to get something out of it.

I shouldn’t admit this, with how much I hate sports generally, but I have found where sports television has fucked up.

Taking itself too seriously. Can’t talk shit about a player. Can’t talk shit about a coach. Can’t talk shit about an owner.

The only people who have figured this out is Inside the NBA. I think just by virtue of who they are, Shaq and Charles Barkley don’t have any fucks left to give. Holy shit they are goddamn funny.

This is what all sports need. People who are ready to talk shit, just on its face talk about how terrible shit is. God damn it brightens my mood in a dark time.

You know honestly…all I want these days is quiet. I feel like everything has been too loud for too long.

Just people screaming on the TV not even at the people they are talking to.

I just want a period of time that is quiet. Like a year. A year would be nice. A year where nothing happens. Where there is no bullshit. No virus. No politics. Just quiet. Silence. Thats what I want.

I wont get it. I don’t get such things.

I think people who speak generationally (e.g. I was born in the wrong generation) or politically (e.g. utopia if it wasn’t for republicans) don’t have it right. Its a matter of being loud or not. Do you need attention constantly or not.

The older I get, the more I am just like….can everyone shut the fuck up? Nothing you have to say has ever been important. Ever. And that goes for everyone.

Alright. Unfortunately dear congregation, this is all I have to give.

I am completely spent in every way this can be understood.

I am tired.

I really hope you had a great week. I want to live vicariously through someone. Tell me about your great week. I could use it.

Hopefully next week I got something better. I have no idea what that will be at this point. But I will figure something out. Take care dear congregation. Watch stupid shit. Watch some Bridgerton. I dont care. Take care of yourself.

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