Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #48

What the fuck happened to this week? I had all these plans. Completely went to shit.

Had shit I was going to write. Plans.


Fuckin bullshit all day every day.

Well lets get to preaching.

I have preached on this before, but no one does what Andrew & Crew can do. Consistency from the AGNB days straight through to now under the Channel 5 moniker.

And I think this one really took it out of him.

The more I think about it, a wiser man than me was right. I think Andrew thought this was going to materialize into something interesting from a journalistic perspective. And he would be on the ground for it.

But it turned out to be exactly what I thought it would be from the start. Crusty ass white trash that are out there protesting for….freedom? A cultural march to let people know what they value is more important….

I have never seen Andrew drop the veil this hard before. I really think by the end he fucking had ENOUGH.

Well, he made another masterpiece. Congrats.

You know, I always think I have a good grasp on nerdom. Oh no, there is always more.

This week, I became aware of this: is alot like Off-Broadway. Except its Off-Steam. Half completed games. Obscure nerdy genre shit.

In a way, I am glad it exists cause its an outlet for creativity. On the other hand it is a dumping ground. The quality is alot like straight-to-VHS instructional videos in the 80s/90s. Maybe there is gold, but there is so much shit that its impossible to find.

I don’t know mentally how to process half this shit, but give it a look. It is a long and deep rabbit hole.

I have had a few requests to talk about the economy.

Look, this is not that hard. Turmoil. A large part of the world is at war right now. Please leave the message after you hear the beep.

I’ll put it another way, if multiple markets are disrupted simultaneously (wheat, oil, PLUS pandemic fallout), you can expect alot of quick downfall.

The world moves way faster than any other time in history. Thats the one actual difference between now and history. Sanctions that would have taken months to have an issue are hitting real fast.

Where does this end? What happens with inflation?

There’s a reason you dont see another Latest in the Fall of the Republic. I don’t fucking know.

We are living new history. I have no map for this. Keep watching the skies.

Well, I am sufficiently pissed.

Drunk as shit.

Hope you are getting fucked too. Let us hope next week I can do something of more substance.

Have a good one. Keep yo flava fresh

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