Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #47

Yup. That is this week. Lets get into it. Church is in session.

And so it happened. The piece of shit in Russia decided to say fuck you to the world and fucking invade a country who didnt do a god damn thing with it.

Is he just another boomer who lived through the Cold War and was depressed that we never got to a REAL war out of it? Is he just horny to get his old band (USSR) back together?

Shit if I know.

My nephew asked my dad if “World War 3 was going to happen.”

My dad didn’t know what to say. I said, “That is the correct answer.”

Don’t kid yourself. This is new. At least in resent times. A country who did nothing to no one being invaded for….shits and giggles? feces and laughter? cause he doesn’t like the administration?

No, nephew. No one knows what happens next. Let us hope whatever is left of sharper minds prevail. But if they don’t, this is what a Ukranian MRE tastes like:

On the homestead, shit week. Between weird work stuff and physical maladies, is it any wonder why this year is actually shaping up to be worse than last year?

Well not quite that. But pretty bad.

You know, I am really hoping this is the year. Some shit is still positive.

But man, it is dark on the homestead. Here is hoping for a better spring.

This is why Tom Hanks got the rona. Calling it now. Not worth it.

Well I tell you what, its been a rough week. I am tired. So, we are going to keep it short.

Take care of yourself out there. Stay awesome, keep preachin, and dont take no shit from anyone.

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