Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #46


What the fuck is up with this week? What the fuck is up with this year man? I don’t know about you, dear congregation, but 2022 is off to a start that I can only describe as poopy.

Maybe that’s just how January is in general. You come down off the high that is Christmas into a pit of fucking shame called every other time of the year. Stupid ass bullshit.

I had this whole other thing planned to write today, and just life got in my goddamn way. I suppose we just call that existing.

Yeah whatever, fuck you.

I have discussed this topic before, but I will reiterate for the people who don’t have enough courage to sit in the AMEN Pew. If you are down with crypto and using excess money you would spend on Doritos on cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Bully for you. Have fun.

If you think crypto is a path to financial success or a way to get out of this great and terrible wheel we call capitalism, you are fucking wrong. NFTs are fucking silly with scams, and you have to stay agile to avoid getting all your shit taken away.

I stand by my original takeaways. This technology could work, but what everyone is hyped about is just fucking dumb.

I thought about writing another issue in my illustrious Latest in the Fall of the Republic series, but someone did better than that. If you have a 2 hour shit to take or are sufficiently ready to stare into the void, I highly recommend giving this thing a spin. Its really fucking good.

In Rona news, the wave is ending and some fucking how (*vigorously knocks on wood*) no rona in this house (yet).

Don’t know how that happened. Maybe its cause we boostered up and the little man is vaxxed up. Maybe cause we didnt go anywhere after the Christmas festivities. Maybe we got lucky and the dirty rona is still trying to hunt us down. Maybe all of the above.

I fucking really hope this is the last wave man. I am even fatigued of it now. I think its because the larger society done decided that we are going to sacrifice any humanity to get past this.

I dunno. All I know is that I can’t stem this tide. Eventually anyone in my current vicinity will stop caring. I’m just waiting to see when that is.

This week, I was sent this with no context. So I leave it here with the same.

In a music documentary, I don’t necessarily need the band/artist in questions full story. I would rather them narrow down into an event.


I would rather them focus on the hatin aspect. This is why I liked Beware of Mr. Baker. I like the fact that everyone talks about how big of an asshole Ginger Baker was, and he was fine with it.

This doc looks like more of that same. And I really hope it is. Looks promising.

Apparently, all politics is infact local. Fuckin all the assholes (which is most of everyone) where I grew up have been indoctrinated on this election stealing crap to the point where they had a whole conference to talk about how people be stealing votes in the dirty parts of south louisiana.

First of all, don’t yall get better shit to worry about. Second, dogg, if the super secret but ultimate world conspiracy managed to rig votes down there, fuck it; they won. Too bad. No amount of fat, sweaty white people yelling about shit they dont understand will change that.

Please, for the love of god. Get a hobby. Or just fucking go back into the pit from whence you came.

One last item of hatin before I leave you dear congregation. My last review caused a discussion about how fucking stupid scenes are. My main gripe is simple. They always pick the most dog shit boring music to try to ape off of.

It’s always something that is just weak and loud. To put it another way, people are fucking giant cowards who wont pick fucking good shit to build a scene off of.

So, I will leave you with another album that if scene bands had any fucking scrote at all they would make into its own scene. Enjoy, have a good weekend, and Ill catch you on the flipside.

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