Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #45

Was it a week? This week felt fucking blurry to me. Like a train passing by and inch from your face. On that note, lets do it.

I cannot fucking believe we lost Saget. I’ll never forget the first time I realized how epic of a talent he was. I, like most of America, only knew him from Full House and AFV. I went through a big Showtime/HBO standup phase in late elementary school so I had seen some early standup. But I had no idea. My now wife called me upon leaving the theater from a showing of The Aristocrats. She was yelling at me “You got to see this movie. YOU got to see it. If not just for Saget’s version of the joke.” She was not wrong.

Since then I’ve followed all of it. Damn we lost a great talent and a fucking rock in the center of madness that is comedy. Damn I’m sad to see him go.

Also, how the fuck is Artie Lange the last person alive from Dirty Work. Fucking either Dirty Work is cursed or the devil wants nothing to do with Artie Lange. Both make sense.

In Rona land, the plague goes on. My family is resigned to it. My son is back at school in person. We are basically isolating assuming the plague will hit us sooner rather than later. Sure enough, got notice yesterday that someone in his class tested positive. Of course, the school district decided to do nothing now, so who knows if anyone sent their kid back to school already sick.

So we ride it out. Waiting for symptoms. We are all vaxxed and/or boosted as we can be. So you know, its just a clock game at this point.

The only positive I am taking from this is that, at least I know this is how it will end. No one fucking gives a shit but me. Everyone is out doing all that YOLO shit, so we all going to get the goddamn disease. So you know, fuck it. Whatev son. The illness is coming.

Here’s my hot take on all this “America is gunna end tomorrow” shit as of late. It aint. When America dies its going to be fucking slow and dumber. We aren’t nearly there yet. Give it time. I know everyone wants that SPQR shit. It aint happening overnight.

I have spent too much time over the holidays playing Pokemon games with my son. Here is what I have learned. Got damn that is some poorly designed shit.

It really is fancy rock paper scissors and you need a negative amount of skill or strategy to beat it.

All that being said, I totally get why people play it. Really relaxing.

And especially in this time of bullshit, not everything needs to be complex. Some things can just be fun.

Lately, I have been obsessed with this channel for no good reason. You think I would not like someone steeped in Rural culture primarily destroying shit, but hot damn I love this channel. I think its the simplicity of, “lets just really abuse these vehicles.”

Plus, he does make fun of certain cancers afflicting us in the south. Namely, squatted trucks. Check it out.

Well thats all the energy I have for this week. Got damn tiring.

But in a different kind of way. Less anxious. More peaceful level of insanity. Dunno. Maybe its the liquor. Either way, take care of yourself. Have a good one.

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