Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #44

That was this week in a nutshell. I had so many false starts at writing something more substantial that I am just going to cram them all in here. Enjoy.

We managed to recover just fine from the illness discussed in last week’s post. We all ended up alright in the end, but it definitely made this week slam packed.

And now its looking like the wife will have a bunch of work over the holidays, fucking up my christmas.

Rich Evans is right. Baby Jesus Is An Asshole

Hey, remember that disease that never fucking left. Well, everyone who was just outside wilding, this is what happens. The fucking thing is still coming. And now everyone is panicking.

And believe me when I tell you its already EVERYWHERE. Fucking I have had so many conversations about people who got exposed at office parties that I lost count.

And STILL STILL, fuckers wont get their shot. Especially for kids.

I had an argument this week with a fucker I respect who told me they weren’t going to get their kids the shot because “they have a high chance of survival.”

I did in fact scream at this person. Fuckin are you smarter than the american academy of pediatrics? Did you pass Organic Chemistry? No, then you get to shut the fuck up.

Also, the inference is that I am a bad father for getting my son his shots. Well fuck you. I’m doing my bit for the disease. What about you? Are you just choosing to continue to be a shithead. Fuck you.

Get vaxxed. Too bad.

So, I saw the recent adaptation of Emma this week. I didn’t like it, but that is more about me not liking the narrative thrust of all Jane Austen works (rich white people having to worry about getting more money).

BUT, I did appreciate the direction. The director does alot of goofy shit with the camera that kind of helps some of the dialogue scenes work better. I think its the most interesting of the Austen adaptations, but that isn’t saying much.

However, I will watch the director’s next film. Much like one of her idols, she is following Mark Romanek’s career progression and going into movies. Here’s hoping her next one is as interesting as her music videos.

Speaking of movie shit, got damn this new movie looks dope. The directors’ previous effort, Swiss Army Man, was pretty good, but this shit looks incredible. Visually arresting. And James Fucking Hong.

Really, this is what i want from Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness. Not sure itll be better than this now. This shit looks great.

Among the many things I hate about crypto, I hate the culture the most.

Case in point this tweet. Right now, web3 is the new hotness in that world. The following is a short list of problems I have with this way of thinking:

  • This complete skirts all important elements of Beethoven’s life. Including both his privilege and his genius
  • It also assumes that the only important element in Beethoven’s life was a cult like fascination about his work and that’s what led him to create
  • It perpetuates the complete myth that everyone needs to be dedicated to their work like its a religion at all times
  • It also assumes that Americans are “lazy” or “uninspired” and that not good or worthwhile has happened in the modern age.

That’s just some of it. I would also say that this person is a giant piece of shit and needs to get over it. Like yeah, you are working on new technology. Whoopty do for you. No one fucking cares. And if you need more cult members to give you a reason to survive, fuck you too.

Well, lets leave it at that. Dear congregation, I really hope you get to relax some this holiday season. May your days be cheerful, and your burdens be light. Take care of yourself, and stay safe out there.

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