Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #42

Holy shit it has been that kind of week. Lets get into it.

Got damn. Alright lets start with the easy shit. Got my booster. Cause I was eligible and everyone should get one. Fuckin, other than Walgreens jerkin my chain, the thing front to end was so much easier than last time.

Symptoms much milder. I did wake up with chills but no fever. Was sore on the side with the injection, but no fatigue and no pounding headache. I did a full day of work no problem.

So eat shit, and fuck you if you don’t want it. Get the shot. Simmons said to get it.

I’ve heard a lot of stories out there about a movement to be kind to the anti-vaxxer. To give them compassion.

Fuck that. I don’t care about you.

I have this unfortunate thing where I can’t forget no matter how much I fucking drink. And I drink to forget.

So no, 30 years from now I will be an old man, preaching from my porch about how a bunch of bitches couldn’t get a fucking shot that they give to kids.

I have probably watched more movies I had never seen before in the past month than I have in the 2 years prior.

I have a ton of new recommendations that I will scatter throughout these write ups, but today I want to talk about Hangover Square.

Unless you are a film nerd, you probably didn’t realize its Noirvember, and a bunch of streaming services have brought out their best film noirs.

So, I got recommended this one, and holy SHIT is it good. To keep it short, lets focus on camera work. I have had several people (assholes) tell me that black and white films are just inferior cause film technique isn’t what it is now (my words, not theirs. They don’t get words. They are assholes). To which I say, “this is a problem?”

Holy shit is this film fucking wild with the camera. We are in constant movement. To a point where we feel just as lost as the main character in their fugue state. I personally suggest just watching the film for the camera work. Masterpiece.

You know, there is much to despair about these days. Unlike last year where I was too fucking depressed, this year, I am getting in the christmas spirit early.

That being said, big shout out to my man, getting fucking PAID. If he wants to spend his career doing this kind of stuff now, I am all about it. Get your bread while its there man. Im going to fucking watch for sure.

I’m going to leave it at that. Lets hope for a better week, and everyone be cool out there. Try to keep your own personal brand of sanity. In whatever flavor it comes.

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