Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #41

One of those classic weeks, I had intended to write a different post, but time is the eternal enemy of all good things. Plus too much going on. My mind is basically where Ash is at above…. So, the regularly scheduled post waits till next week, and I partake of the sacramental wine and preach all the way down to the AMEN Pew.

In hurricane news, things continue on much as they have in the past month.

I would describe the situation as having pockets of stability in the path of chaos. My family is getting to a bit of normalcy. Through a combination of fortunate outcomes and capital to leverage, most of my down the bayou family has found either semi-permanent or full permanent dwellings.

For sure, the trend is moving more north. The storm, I think, will have the effect of doing what everyone thought flooding and tidal surge would do.

Moving closer to I-10.

There is many more hard times ahead, I fear. I think my family is going to come out ultra lucky. Cause most people have a tough road ahead.

Been on a horror kick as of late (as the gif production will indicate). And there is a ton of great shit hitting streaming.

But, I want to give a shout out to Elvira. She OUT HERE. Getting shudder checks AND Netflix checks. I’m glad she’s getting paid at 70 years young.

Plus, I think this kind of thing is really missing. Curation. I have waxed poetic about it before. Maybe people have started to hear it? It’s a start anyway…

Well, if not a start, I’m just glad she’s getting paid

I got the nostalgia bug in me. I mean, even MORE than usual. Maybe its that time of the year. Time of the season. It usually comes with the fall.

Season’s change, I think of times past. Truthfully, its brought a lot of comfort. As discussed at length, getting through the plague takes it out of you.

Right now, I am doing ok, and I think its the nostalgia trips getting me there.

In that spirit, my nostalgia trip this week has been Final Fantasy VII. No, not the fucking remake, the original.

Why that one? Well, it’s not my favorite, BUT I have a strong spiritual connection to it (more on a blog post around the holidays…for real). So, it seems to be the right one for right now.

But that is not even why. The real reason is the fucking BOOSTERS. In the infinite wisdom of Square Enix, they have decided to add…basically built in Game Genie codes. To ALL of the older Final Fantasies.

This has made playing a fucking cruise. Remember fun? Well, Square apparently found it.

You know, this week, someone told me that my constant hate on difficult games meant that I was “too draconian with [my] personal preferences.”

To which I say, FUCK that. Games are supposed to be fucking fun. And fuckin Square knows their fans are old and crusty now. I will get more fun out of a cheated out FF7 than I would a clean run. Hell, im going to blast through 8 and 9 too just cause they added the boosters. Wouldn’t replay them otherwise. Good job Square. Keep it up.

I got lucky and got hipped to Squid Game right as soon as it came out. And, I really liked it.

Sure it has its issues. Like all streaming, its about an episode and a half too long and some of the ending stuff isn’t as tight as it can be.

But, got damn it looks great, and all the acting is done exceptionally well.

A lot has been made of its themes, but I think people are missing the simplicity. There is a lot of fucking dread. Whether its the economy or the plague, people are in a dark fucking place.

So, when something comes along that posits a world where the dread actually leads to a conclusion (even if its horrifying). People jump at it.

I’ll leave my thoughts with this. No fucking way a second season (which they are clearly leading to) will ever be as good as this. As usual, I will be happy to be wrong.

Well, keeping it short today. Out of energy. Liquor taking over. Fatigue setting in.

Expect more Storytime posts and nostalgia shit in the coming weeks. Its making me happy or at least….keeping me relatively sane.

Hopefully you are going to have a good weekend out there, dear congregation. Stay awesome. Don’t take no shit off of anyone. And take it easeeeeeeeeee

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