Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #40

Got a BEEFY one today, so lets get to it.

So its been what….2 weeks since I posted about the hurricane….3 weeks this sunday since the storm? My family still has no power. No internet/cable either, but you don’t need that to live [Editor’s note: this is the opposite of the truth]. They got running water and generator power, and that’s it.

My entire extended family is shoved in either my parent’s house or my grandparents (on my dad’s side) house. Everyone is kind of hanging together at this point. A few observations or notes at this juncture:

  • This thing is epoch making. There will be a mass exodus from anywhere close to the gulf. Most of my extended family are cutting and running. Taking their insurance checks, and leaving the property to rot. Going start over somewhere closer to I-10.
  • Everyone should get a modern HD antenna. I helped my parents set up one, and its certainly been a help in entertaining two octogenarians and an army of kids.
  • FEMA remains as incompetent as it was during the W administration. They are promising to tarp people’s roofs, and have done 0 in the most affected zone. Like I said in the last blog, you are on your own.

When will things improve? They have no idea. I have no idea.

I feel like I am communicating back to a wasteland…which is what I am in fact doing. I am not sure it will be as resilient this time. And the people down there know it. Shit is going to be different. I guess time will tell.

Put it this way, the longer “survival” mode continues as opposed to “recovery” mode, the bigger the long term effect will be.

Rona news has been dominated by fucking Minaj’s cousin’s friend’s balls.

And really, that is the victim of this story.

This dude was trying for the mad finesse. Trying to get out of the fact that he fuckin whores on the side by saying the vaxx gave him giant balls.

He had no idea when he was spinning his web of bullshit that he would capture THE ENTIRE WORLD.

You know that dude is like sitting in a fuckin remote part of Trinadad, trying to hide out from the world tabloids. Like the end of the new rambo. Just waiting for the army of reporters coming to feel his balls.

This week I had a weird moment. I was watching my usual nerd shit, and I became aware of the fact that there is a super nerd who is out there trying to WoW Classic Weezer.

Let me take a step back. You know how people can be inspired by a band. Imagine being inspired by a promise of a thing. For the uninitiated, Weezer cut two records and then had like a five year break and cut their next record.

Well, a certain cadre of people liked the direction in the beginning, but hated the third. One would think enough time has past where that is no longer relevant. Oh no, we have to continue off their history from that point and revise it how we desire (ala what the nerds did with WoW Classic).

This would be like loving Before and After Science-era Eno but hating the ambient shit, so you just follow Before and After Science as gospel.

Enter Zerwee. This dude’s attempt to do that. And I fucking hate it.

What I learned from this, is that there is CLEARLY something else that people hear when they listen to Weezer. I hear the foundation of nerd-rock, poppy with big crunchy production from Ric Ocasek. They apparently hear…whiney bitch music?

Like don’t get me wrong, Rivers whines. But this is something else. Zerwee sounds like if all music was destroyed and an emo kid tried to interpret what Weezer was like. It misses every single thing that made it good, and it feels like a bad fun house mirror version of Weezer.

There is a part 2 to this….I may listen to it…I’m scared

Do not make Elizabeth Holmes into some kind of victim for women’s rights. Silicon Valley is sexist as hell. Do not let Holmes Ken Lay her way out of justice. She made a medical device without having any kind of fucking degree or knowledge in the field, and then acted like it was good. Throw her fucking ass in a jail.

El Salvador done went all in and made bitcoin their currency. I have been pretty clear on my feelings about crypto. Congrats country. You went from having an unstable currency to some shit you have no say on at all, and rises and falls with the whims of hype on the internet.

You fucked up.

It will be a case study though. How much will this fuck up the country? I suppose we will know during the next crash.

I cannot fucking believe we lost Norm. My favorite update host. One of my favorite comedians. A brilliant fucking man. I am not going to expand on anything else beyond what has already been said by better people, but got damn man. Of all the fucking people.

Here’s my suggestion, Conan’s channel has been uploading great shit since his death. Check out some of it.

Well, we will leave it at that. Hope all is doing well in your neck of the woods. Stay safe. Stay frosty. And as always, keep yo flava fresh.

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