Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #4

You know what time it is folks.


The liquor powers have been requested. And the liquor blessings shall be bestowed.

For fuckin real. Quit saying your impossible burger and cauliflower horse shit tastes the same as regular meat and potatoes.  Cause it fucking doesnt. 

Sure, it may taste good. And I have had both. At really boojee restaurants. But let me tell you, fuckin the frozen burger meat in the grocery store and a microwaved baked potato taste like fuckin meat and potatoes. 

Look, if you are like a better person than me, and want to eat that shit to save the world or whatever. Go for it. Just dont say what you got tastes like meat and potatoes. Cause it fucking doesnt. 

I was right. Fuckin Hoopoo games, which a) no one has ever heard of and b) sounds like the poo poo platter, is out here making Bioware’s expensive failure of the year Anthem look like the poo poo platter

With like the biggest piece of shit engine, they managed to make Risk of Rain 2, which is 500% better made and 5000% more fun than the load screen simulator

Check it out. Its cheap. Its crazy addictive. And it can get real sweaty. A good time all around.

 Never drink more than one bottle of wine at a time. If you do, you will get the Wine ShitsTM. The Wine ShitsTM are nothing to fuck around about. Youll be on the throne doing your own game of thrones. This time, no one is holding the door. You get what im sayin. One bottle. If you need to go full Lahey. Get on the liquor. 

One quick addendum to my post about how social media is the most een thing of all time, stop letting people on twitter control the news. So what if randoms on the internet say something about some shit. They are randoms on the internet. They have literally only the power we give them. Without social media, no one would hear them bitching. Let them die in the void. They have nothing important to say and everything they do is fucking stupid. 

Stop making your decisions based on twitter. Randoms on the internet do not shape policy. They are the same fuckers blasting Old Town Road every time I log into Apex Legends

So fuck dem bitches. Let them eat shit. 

You know I hate on a ton of things. Someone asked me if I have any hope. Ill tell you what I have hope about. Kemp’s crazy ass done decided to move us down the road on medicial marijuana products. And that gives me a little hope. Cause if that fucker can sign that kind of law. Maybe we can survive this ride. 

Alright bitches, I am out. But I will leave you with a preview of coming attractions. A post on this record later this week. Ciao, assholes.

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