Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #39

How’s everybody out there in TV land. Lets do the thing.

Man, bullshit mountain is extra tall this week. Between blaming the rona spikes on illegal immigration to having the Conan death chant for the spicy deluxe, conservative shoveled so much shit this week, I can’t fucking keep track.

Does this feel like desperation? Like throwing every fucking thing at the dartboard just to see what sticks. It certainly feels that way.

Had a strong conversation this week about all of this. How do you fight it all, how do you get your brain to adjust, etc. To be the answer is simple. Endure. Assholes are hoping we wont.

We will. Let them flail. We will find a way to survive it. I can only hope there are enough of us to overcome a rigged game.

Bringing back one of my classic gifs for the fucking resurgence of dat rona. Apparently, dumbasses are out here causing the plague to continue. And people still don’t believe it’s out here killing.

Only in America. Only in America can we have capitalism prove its success by creating a fucking cure to the disease that is substantially better than anyone thought, piles of fucking loose vaccines, and motherfuckers still won’t get the shot.

As I got my vaxx, I’m fine, but my son is too young for it. And, he’s going to school in person this fall. So, it is what it is. We stare down the plague.

It’s spreading through the assholes now, but it wont be long….

Now, let me be clear, I don’t expect spikes like what we saw this winter. But, it will hit people you think it wont….and kids…

So please, fucking talk to anyone you know who hasn’t got theirs and beg for them to get it. We need more numbers. Lots more.

And if you are reading this and haven’t gotten your shot…get it. for the love of god get the shot.

In other news, everyone I fucking know is playing Pillars of Eternity. Which is a very very good thing.

Similar to Divinity II, Pillars is an isometric RPG ala Baldur’s Gate. But for my money, Divinity II is the better game.

Don’t get me wrong, Pillars is fantastic, but for my Obsidian game, I think Tyranny is their masterpiece so far. I really like that the game is so fucking big. I like how polished the classes feel. I just feel a bit more constrained than I would want.

Said differently, I can’t be as big of a fuck you, kill everyone dick head. That’s how I run shit in these types of RPGs. You talk shit to me, you gettin got. You slanging drugs, and you think that you can keep the money. I think otherwise. And Pillars does constrain you there a bit.

Ill see how I feel when I get to Pillars 2. But, I am having a good time.

I had an old man conversation this week. Conversation with a teenager. I don’t think I have had a conversation with a teenager since I was a teenager. Here’s my takeaway.

The Kids Are Alright

Sure there is cultural touchstones that will keep the distance forever. But, kids are just as foolish, full of energy, running crazy, and living life, as I was not that long ago.

My goal is that as I age that I won’t turn into one of those people who say the world is going to shit because of the next generation. The world is going to shit because of human beings, who are mostly trash. Generational differences are irrelevant. Let the young be young. It’s their only time to do it.

So rock on kids. Figure out your own style and live it. Just make sure you got that flava.

Well thats it for me this week. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. Keep YOUR flava fresh, and I’ll catch you next week for more stupid.

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