Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #38

It’s tru.

I’ve actually had the best week I have had in a long time. Real chill. Things are going great at work, at home, really with everything. Going on vacation really soon. First vacation since the pandemic.

I mean, everything coming up Milhouse right now. And thats tough for a hater. Was ready for shit talking, and…things are great. So yeah….shit is good.

Everyone is super horny for aliens right now.

As usual, I remain skeptical. If you are the type of intelligence to make faster-than-light travel (which ostensibly, may be the only way to reach us) and you don’t quickly want to get the fuck out, you don’t deserve it

If I’m an alien, I am locking the door and running every space stop sign on my way past Sol.

We trash. The trailer park at the end of the universe. I wouldn’t touch humanity with a ten meter cattle prod, we crazy. So no, I don’t think we have aliens here. Cause if we do, I got my thumb out.

Speaking of horny. The internet is also in an uproar about this furry dating show thing from Netflix.

Dogg, who cares. Let me explain to you how Netflix works. They gunna throw money at ANYTHING. You think thats weird, it only gets weirder from here. Netflix wants to be everything from Liquid Television to Hallmark Movies to early 2000s SciFi channel specials.

I’m just saying Nothing’s Shocking. Expect more.

I’m rewatching The Wire right now. And got damn this is completely worth a rewatch. This fucking show is so amazingly well written. I’m glad alot of these guys went on to do great things, cause they all deserve it.

Only 5 episodes into my rewatch, and I am getting a ton of value out of it. Whole scenes I didn’t remember. Everyone knows Omar, but I forgot about Freamon going get Barskdale’s picture through a Golden Gloves poster. Its little touches that really make the show rewarding.

I think I am going to rewatch Treme next when I am done. See if that rewards just as much.

As I write this, I have been listening to this new Tyler the Creator album. And got damn its good.

I’m in the odd bucket, in that I really didn’t like Igor. Didn’t like its sound. Didn’t like how it was mixed. But he cut Best Interest, and I thought it was better than anything on Igor.

And this is kind of like Best Interest continued. It sits somewhere in the middle of Igor and Flower Boy. I really like the sound. Enjoying my listen. I am not sure its the full masterpiece of Flower Boy, but its really really fuckin good.

You should listen too.

Well, I hope everything is just as peaceful for you guys. Got a request coming the congregation’s way next week (see the closing track for coming attractions). Till then, hope you and yours get some rest. Take a break. You made it to mid-2021. Enjoy it.

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