Thoughts from the AMEN Pew #37


You ever have one of those weeks where you question why the asteroid hasn’t shown up yet to just put humanity out of its misery. Thats the kind of week I had.

In fact my whole house. Just stressed out from work. Too much going on at once, and its trying to find time to do the personal stuff that we are trying to get done. It’s exhausting.

I think its just one of those weeks where you wonder why you struggle so hard. Why you put in all this effort?

I am not convinced existence is worth it.

Back on the wagon with WoW again.

If it wasn’t for the holy sacrament of battlegrounds, we wouldn’t be back, but we are….

That being said, I think this is WoW’s worst expansion to date. Easily. It’s the hardest gear grind ever if you PvP at all (which is all I do). The covenant system is just a wall preventing you from having quality of life. The only reason you do any covenant shit is to get objectives they just gave you for free in other expansions (transportation, etc). The end zone is a shitshow where you are just better off not stepping in.

And then, this week, I decided I was going to play by Blizzards rules and due 2v2 arenas (see below). This is a mistake. For as many wins and as much ass kicking durt and I did (see below), we just couldnt achieve the rating target we had. And we spent fucking hours and hours.

It just doesn’t feel rewarding. If we spent equal time on Raiding/Mythic+, we would easily be max geared. Unfortunately, this is not the case. And Blizzard definitely doesn’t care.

I have a feeling we will go back to BGs only shortly. But man, it leaves hate in your heart.

Was having a discussion this week of my hate for social media. I barely touch it. Really, I only go in any of those when someone has told me to… at least these days.

In this discussion, I finally realized how to quantify it. It’s easy. Check this shit out.

When I mentioned I have 1,500 blocked accounts on twitter, they were shocked. To me, this is simple. If you are an asshole, say something shit, are a lunatic, or are just a terrible person (racist, etc), automatic block. Nothing you will ever say is important to me, and I don’t want to hear it.

This is not that hard. In fact, I think more people need to accept the fact that the internet is fucking worthless (including this blog). Just start blocking people. Anyone who is an asshole….

You will find the reservoir is infinite, and the blocks aren’t enough.

The immortan thinks he is going to be president again in August.

I want this recorded for all posterity. Fuck you immortan. Hope your ass rots forever in that shit corner of Florida. In the fucking florida heat. Sweat it out asshole.

The immortan is not going to be president by a fucking coup. He should be in jail for even suggesting a coup (as invented by a crackhead).

Fuck anyone who still supports him, so fuck all republicans too. Shitheads.

I watched the DS9 doc this week. Wasn’t bad. The actual doc itself is all over the place.

In fact, I would really only recommend it for big fans of the franchise. BUT, it definitely has some big highlights, including Nana Visitor making unfortunate proclamation about her fellow cast members. Hot DS9 Goss.

Well thats it for me today. It has just been a miserable week. I hope everyone else is doing better. Hopefully a few more rotations of the Earth will leave me in a better place than I started.

Keep yo flava fresh. Lets hope for a better week next week.

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